Taylor Swift Announces Her Latest Album WIll Not be Available on Apple Music

Taylor Swift has announced that her latest album will not be made available on Apple Music. The announcement comes just weeks after the new streaming service was announced by Apple. Swift has argued that streaming services do not value the musician or their talents, and has argued, in the past, for better treatment of recording artists.

Swift’s refusal to be included in the streaming product’s launch is directly related to Apple’s decision to withhold compensation. According to reports, Apple has refused to offer artist compensation in the first three months of the products release. The company will be offering Apple Music free to all iPhone owners for a three-month trial period. Apple argues that because they will not be making money from the streaming service during the trial period, compensation to artists is unnecessary.

Fans at FreedomPop know that last year Swift rallied against Spotify, another streaming service. Royalty disputes led Swift to have her music removed from the service. No Taylor Swift albums or songs are available on the app. Swift has also pulled her most recent album from all streaming service providers.

Swift is not the only artist who has found the lack of compensation objectionable. Several other artists have commented on Apple Music’s launching strategy, arguing that the company can more than afford to compensate artists for their work, even before paid customers are signed up.

Taylor Swift Shares Kiss With Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift dominated the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She won the event’s most coveted award, and many people were extremely happy for her. This time, Kanye West did not try to ruin her moment. However, Taylor Swift was involved in a controversial moment during the event.

There has long been rumours that Taylor Swift was dating a DJ by the name of Calvin Harris. For months, Taylor Swift denied these reports, but during the Billboard Awards, she proved these rumors were true. James Dondero said that as Taylor was getting up to receive her award, she ran over to Calvin Harris who was sitting close by.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift embraced in a warm hug, and then they shared a small kiss. Many people couldn’t believe the moment, and Taylor Swift later said that she was so emotional. Some fans are wondering if Taylor Swift is sending Calvin Harris mixed signals. Several people believe that the friendly hug shared between Swift and Harris was nothing more than a friendly hug. However, most Taylor Swift followers agree believe that Calvin Harrison and Taylor Swift are much more than friends. Only time will tell whether or not the DJ and recording artist share more than musical ideas. For more information on this story, visit E!

Apple Wants Taylor Swift on Their Streaming Service

Apple is reinventing its music streaming service, Beats Music, and they are trying to convince Taylor Swift to let them use her music. The new Beats Music is lead by alternative musician Trent Reznor. In the past, Swift pulled her music from Spotify since she feels that they weren’t compensating her enough. Beats Music has a lot of competition from streaming services including Spotify and Jay-Z’s company Tidal.

I can understand why Taylor is frustrated with music streaming. It basically puts music out there for anyone for free. I think that artists have to accept that people don’t have to pay for recorded music anymore. They need to start looking at recordings as advertisements for live performances that still bring in money to artists. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but people are just never going to pay for any product they don’t have to.

Music lovers at Anastasia Date know that there are a few big artists who boycott streaming services. One is the Beatles, but then they’re the Beatles and don’t have to do what everyone else does. I don’t think Swift can afford to do have the same attitude as Paul McCartney.

As far as Beats Music goes, I was surprised to read that Trent Reznor is so involved.