Kamil Idris Former Head of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Kamil Idris is amongst the most respected international civil servant and is a Sudanese national. He is known for serving WIPO or World Intellectual Property Organization for over a decade. He has also headed the organization called International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants or UPOV. Kamil Idris has done B.A. from the Cairo University, Egypt in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics and has also done Bachelor of Law Degree from the reputed Khartoum University, Sudan. He has also done masters in law with a specialization in international law from the United States’ Ohio University. Kamil Idris went on to do a doctorate in International law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva University, Switzerland.


Kamil Idris has been monitoring the world’s political and economic situation for many years and is often consulted by the governments and organizations on political, social, and financial matters. Recently, Kamil Idris wrote an article about how the stiff business tariffs imposed by the US Government against China can impact the global trade and the US-China relationship. Kamil Idris said that China had been engaged in acquiring US Intellectual Property for many years and it has been causing heavy losses to the US and its businesses. There have been rapid technology acquisitions by the businesses in China from the US, and it has been hurting the overall revenue generated by the American companies. The amount of loss suffered by the US due to the theft of IP by China from the US has resulted in massive losses, which as per analysts can be anything between $225 million and over $600 billion. Kamil Idris said that the US-China economic transactions are on the colossal scale and thus, calculating the exact losses suffered by the US can be challenging to calculate.


The new US government under Donald Trump has recently announced stiff tariff against Chinese imports that amounts to over $50 billion. Starting from stealing intellectual property to counterfeiting the products of popular US brands and much more, Chinese companies engage in a wide range of illegal activities against the US businesses. Trump Administration has resolved to punish China for its cruel and flawed business practices, and as per Kamil Idris, it might backfire as well with China’s growing influence globally.