Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Advice On How To Optimize The Results Of A Cosmetic Surgery

Have an upcoming cosmetic surgery operation and hope to optimize its results as well as speed up the healing process? Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a board certified plastic surgeon operating in Dallas, advices that positive cosmetic surgery results are often a reflection of an individual’s pre-surgery preparation. He notes that you need to ready yourself both physically and psychologically by embracing and disregarding some habits that directly impact on the outcome of the operation. Top among his surgery preparation tips include:

Stop smoking and limit alcohol intake

According to Sameer Jejurikar, smoking has an adverse effect on virtually every part and organ of the body while one of the many dangers of alcohol includes its blood thinning properties. Therefore, continued intake of either not only compromises the safety of the surgical operation but also affects the healing process negatively. They slow down the healing process and reduce the content of skin moisture thus diminishing the skin’s healthy glow.

Consult with a physician with regards to medications

Are you on medications or do you consume herbal and other nutritional supplements on a regular basis? Consider bringing this to your physician’s attention a few weeks before to the process. While any professional cosmetic surgeon would be expected to ask these questions during one of your consultative meetings, it is still important to bring it up if they don’t.

Rest and follow post-operation guidelines

Most surgical operations require that you take specific periods of rest time while avoiding any activity that your surgeon considers strenuous. Most importantly, commit to medication and nutritious foods as these go a long way in helping the body speed up the healing process. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar notes that by adhering to these your physician’s guidelines, you are giving the body a fighting chance not only to heal but also adjust to the new you.

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