A Healthy Super Bowl Party Feast


Every year it comes without fail, the Super Bowl, and with that a mound of foods that by any stretch of the imagination cannot be considered remotely healthy. With that being said there are many snacks and foods that can be considered healthy and still enjoyable with just a bit of tweaking in either the preparation or the cooking.

As an example, when preparing foods trim as much of the excess fat off of any meat that you possibly can. Every little bit helps. For those great hot wings, go naked, rather than breaded, and perhaps bake them in a spicy sauce rather than deep frying them in vegetable oil. Experts like Sergio Cortes advise to use a high grade olive oil perhaps something imported to help lighten up the day’s bill of fare.

Instead of the standard chips and nachos, and salsa used baked chips, with a tangy salsa with a fresh a cilantro added in with extra garlic. If cheese is a must then use fresh cheddar rather than bottled nacho cheeses that contain chemicals and high sodium content.

While watching your favorite team score a touchdown instead of soft drinks that are loaded with artificial sweeteners and sodium try fresh fruit juices that have been chilled. Better yet, a nice Sangria with fresh fruits and a light wine is the ticket for any Super Bowl party.

The bottom line is that think before you shop and prepare for your Super Bowl, it will pay off mega dividends in the following days.