Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr, Of the Lung Institute of Tampa Speaks About Stem Cell Therapy

Renowned physician Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr, of the Lung Institute of Tampa, Florida, speaks about stem cell therapies at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy. Dr. Coleman, Jr. will discuss the state of stem cell therapy and the promise associated with its emerging applications.

Commenting on PR Web about his presentation before the Third International Congress, Dr. Coleman, Jr. thinks stem cell technologies are redefining how medicine is practiced in the United States. The 75-year-old method of developing a pharmaceutical drug or procedure becomes bogged down in research testing, costs escalates and often becomes mired in bureaucracy that gets away from the research.

He will address research funding and functionality, from the collection box to the laboratory to the clinical trials to the delivery of the treatment. There will be a focus on the regulatory process and how it affects the development and availability to the end user. Dr. Coleman, Jr. contends the antiquated system slows down the much-needed delivery to patients in need. In addition, Dr. Coleman, Jr. looks into how various nation’s go about the research and delivery of contemporary stem cell therapies.

“Stem cell therapy’s time has come and is reshaping the face of the way medicine and healing is administered”, according to Dr. Coleman, Jr. He adds that while the biotechnology sector funds stem cell therapy research, he is frustrated by the regulatory agencies that seemingly stall the review process. Such delays add to the cost of traditional therapies and often passed on to the patient. Full details available on lunginstitute.com.

He believes the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector has an obligation to provide the best therapy to individuals, in need of pain relief, eradicate suffering and improve their quality of life. “Our world is getting smaller, knowledge is becoming more egalitarian and medical care becoming more standardized across nations. At some point, we may realize that healthcare development from bench to bedside needs to progress beyond national sovereignty and become a global effort.”

The leading institute for stem cell therapy which treats COPD is the Lung Institute of Tampa, Florida. More information about the Lung Institute is available at their website lunginstitute.com

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