How Are Gooee’s LED Lights Different Compared to Other Bulbs?

There are many who want to know the differences between these lights, versus the ones they have already. Let’s break it down.

1) The light source is different here. These lights are only the size of small piece of pepper. It’s that small! They offer a mix of colors red, green and blue. Gooee’s lights are primarily used to make a white light.

2) These lights put out very little heat. Let’s compare the CFL’s and the Incandescents. The Incandescents put out about 90% heat. The CFL’s put out about 80%. These numbers are with the heat converting to energy. That’s how much energy these two give off. The LEDs from Gooee only put out maybe 20% or less. Every study shows something different, but it’s more or less the same. We encourage you to do you own research on this. This way you can have the information for yourself.

3) Lastly, let’s discuss the direction of these lights. They put out the light in a very specific way and direction. This reduces the need for diffusers and reflectors. These two elements can trap the light. This sort of knowledge makes it more accessible for those using task lighting and downlighting. This makes it more accessible in many other ways too.

If you wish to find out more about these Gooee light bulbs and if you are area has them, click here.