Brazilian driver Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a famous Brazilian driver. He is popular all over the country of Brazil. Rodrigo has a wonderful team of experts that help him succeed in his career. His 10 person team uses the most efficient equipment and runs necessary tests on his cars. These tests help to ensure the cars are fully functioning. Rodrigo is known for his expertise in business matters, philanthropy issues, and sports knowledge.

Terpins has a rally partner named Fabricio Bianchini. They have raced many competitions together. One rally in particular was Sertoes’s 22nd edition. Sertoes rallies are Brazil’s largest off-road races. This off-road race has seven stages of difficulty and stretches across two states. Terpins and Bianchini raced with car #326. They won with 8th place overall and a podium finish. Rodrigo’s fans were very happy with his performance. Check out odiario to know more.

Rodrigo Terpins family has a history of playing sports. His father, Jack, played basketball in his younger years. Jack has a lot of passion for sports and success in business matters. Rodrigo’s brother, Michel is also a well known rally driver. They have both competed in past competitions together.

Terpin is successful in the business industry as well. At the T5 Participacoes, he is one of the important directors. He has interests in the real estate world too. Rodrigo supports many types of causes in his home country of Brazil. He supports art ventures, different culture groups, and kids in need. He is also a Philanthropist for technology and scientific groups. Lastly, Rodrigo works for the company called Lojas Maria. He is the Director of Operations now for 16 years and counting.

Rodrigo Terpins has a successful career and family life. His father and brother have both inspired him thru life. He has a lot of expertise in the business world. He has become very popular in the world of rally race driving. Rodrigo’s fans love his passion for driving. In the business world, colleagues admire his drive for success.