Arjun Kapur’s Revolutionary Concept GoBuyside Is Re-Writing the Rules for Hiring in the Financial Sector

GoBuyside is a platform that brings together employers and job candidates in the financial industry. The platform was founded in 2011 by businessman Arjun Kapur upon the completion of his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Stanford University’s School of Business. The genesis behind GoBuyside’s concept came after Kapur observed the outdated way that financial firms handled their hiring of talent.

The financial industry itself had undergone drastic changes over the last couple decades with the advent of the internet and the age of information. This coincided with an environment where it was increasingly less necessary for companies to have to seek employees only within their own local region. Internet technology had opened up the entire world to firms wishing to find the very best financial professionals, yet the hiring practices had yet to catch up and were still operating on outdated models. Kapur observed that the hiring cycles in the industry were shortening at the same time that the level of competition for positions was ramping up. In a world where employers have literally the entirety of the globe to draw talent from, competition for positions becomes intense but at the same time, a new problem arises for employers. Essentially, there is a lot to work through when trying to narrow down the field of qualified candidates. Arjun Kapur felt confident that he could fill this niche for the financial industry and do this legwork for these firms. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside was started with the idea that its platform would provide a transparent environment for employers and qualified job candidates to come together. Utilizing internet job postings and applicant tracking systems as well as making use of the latest in artificial intelligence technology to be able to narrow down and match candidates to specific jobs is the basis for how GoBuyside works. This was partnered with Arjun Kapur’s desire to provide the very best service to his clients and create an atmosphere that was mutually beneficial to both employer and potential employee. In this sense, Kapur is quite traditional in his ideas. Though GoBuyside is a revolutionary concept in the business world, it still bases its operations on the concept of taking care of its clients needs rather than just using them as a means for generating capital. This is the core value that has led to the company to grow since 2011 to the point where today it serves over 10,000 firms worldwide in filling their human resources needs. It is the core value that Arjun Kapur strongly believes will continue to push the company’s growth in the future. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuyside is proving to be a very multi-faceted operation as well. Not content to be pigeonholed into one specific niche, the company offers a variety of services. Some are designed at helping well-established firms in filling their needs but the company also has been invaluable in helping new companies to get off the ground running by helping with the market research necessary for success. The company is also acutely aware of the rising demand for project-based hiring and employment on a work from home basis. Staying on top of the newest trends in the hiring and employment practices of the financial industry gives GoBuyside the competitive edge to stay on top of its field.