End Citizens United Sets Sights on GOP Tax Bill.

If you have been paying a modicum of attention to the current political climate, then you likely realized just how divided that the nation is. To put things into perspective, President Donald Trump has a historic low approval rating and the tax package that he helped to force-feed through Congress was rejected by the vast majority of Americans in the United States. Despite the historic dislike for both Trump and his policies, today’s GOP continues to ram through their agenda — despite the effects, it has on regular every-day Americans. Despite all of the negativity that President Trump and the modern GOP are bringing to America, there are groups dedicated to shining a spotlight on their impact. End Citizens United, a political action committee led by president Tiffany Muller, has set their sights on the newly passed GOP tax bill (scam).

Tiffany Muller and End Citizens United have been busy in their efforts to fight back against dark money, special interests and corporate lobbying in Washington D.C. The political action committee was created in order to fight toward introducing a constitutional amendment to overturn the SCOTUS decision regarding Citizens United. Citizens United is a propaganda machine driven by the GOP to fight for legislation that gives mega-donors the ability to influence politics. This is obviously a huge problem in an American government that already ignores the majority of its constituents. Despite the fact that the GOP’s newly passed tax scam is not related to Citizens United, it still falls within the purview of End Citizen United’s mission statement to give American voters the ability to have their voice be heard.

The GOP Tax Bill has been under attack from moderates and progressives around the country. End Citizen United added their sizable voice to the conversation with a statement released by Tiffany Muller. Muller says, “Just in time for the holidays, Republicans have delivered a gift-wrapped bill to their mega-donors.” Muller goes on to paint the accurate picture that this tax bill was largely just a huge boon to corporations in the form of tax breaks and donor openings. The bill once even tried to destroy the Johnson Amendment, one of the few laws in place that prevents churches from becoming dark money funneling machines. Muller goes on to say, “It’s a shameful display of the rigged system in Washington.”

Every year End Citizens United compiles a list called the Big Money 20. This list includes the biggest corporate mega-donors in Washington D.C. 17 members of the Big Money 20 spent nearly $12 million to try and get the tax bill pushed through into law. You can bet that these donors are going to be paid out handsomely for their hard work in screwing over America’s middle class.

End Citizen United- Giving Power Back to The People

According to End Citizens United, a Russian company associated with Kremlin meant to influence the results of 2016 presidential election by purchasing ads. They stated that spending of funds by the foreign entities is not allowed by the election laws and Russia managed to intricately and extensively interfere with the presidential election.

The End Citizens United has financially supported political candidates by openly endorsing those who stand on their message of putting citizens first in politics. Their stand was brought about by Supreme Court infamous 2010 decision of Citizen United v.F.E.C. End Citizens United is political action committee that is highly popular, and recently they announced their support for Randy Bryce to run for Congress. Their support spells good news for Bryce campaign.

According to End Citizens United, the Wisconsin congressional race is a prominent election that needs to be followed carefully around the country. It might have significant implications on social, legislative and economic policy. End Citizens United thinks that the upcoming congress election will have a significant shift and bring citizens back to the political core. Bryce firm stands for his people and opposing the oppressive systems found in Washington has made him a famous person. He seems to put individual welfare above corporate greed. End Citizens United states that Bryce has shown bravely by speaking loudly and openly on the disconnection between the average American citizen and Washington. Paul Ryan has spent half of his life as a politician and has gained significant while Bryce believes in working hard to make money and connecting with his people. The PAC End Citizen United believe in campaign finance reports and uniting of citizens.

End Citizen United is a donor-funded grassroots political action committee that primary focus is electing campaign finances reforms that overturn Citizens United. Founded on 1st March 2015 the End Citizen United combats against the sizeable governmental group funding that has hidden motives of manipulating the election in their favor. End Citizen United say they are financed by grassroots donations and committed to seeing pro-reforms of any elected candidate. Richard Carbo, the Communications Director of the group, says that when the End Citizen launched they raised more than 2 million dollars from small donors.

End Citizen United is known to support pro-reforms democrats who champion for campaign finance reforms, and they stated that they are ready to help an independent or Republican candidate who is pro-reform. The End Citizens United websites have all the information that contains their latest news, donation page, pro-reforms candidates and information on how to become a member. The members and volunteers of End Citizen United come from a diverse background; they have businessmen, doctors, educators, lawyers and other professional environments.

Learn More: www.youtube.com/channel/UCnpLmnN_7TxPdpGODs-JXxg

End Citizens United PAC Raises Millions On Tiny Individual Contributions

In 2015 a new political action committee (PAC) was formed to raise millions of dollars for a political campaign – and this money will be used to stop the spending of billions of dollars on political campaigns.


Sound confusing? It’s not, really. It’s all about getting money out of politics, or more specifically, getting rid of hundreds of millions of dollars in so-called “dark money” – money contributed to certain politicians by powerful donors who would rather stay in the shadows.


It all began in 2010 when the U.S. Supreme Court issued what has become to be known as the “Citizens United” decision. The ruling basically allowed large corporations and extremely wealthy individuals to contribute as much campaign cash as they wanted to the candidate of their choice.


The decision also established the legal basis for the idea that “corporations are people,” a concept that is counter-intuitive to what makes for a true democracy composed of real people, critics say.


The problem for those fighting the Citizens United decision is that it gave too much power to big business and the super wealthy. Essentially, having no limits on political contributions allows just a few special interests to “buy politicians” and stack the U.S. Government with legislators who do the bidding of their wealthy patrons.


The result is that the average voter is being rendered increasingly powerless. Middle class and poor voters can’t donate large sums of money to politicians who will support the needs of working-class people.


Now a group called End Citizens United is determined to reverse the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. So End Citizens United is money-raising PAC, but one with a unique mission – it plans to raise money and then use that money to get big, “dark” money out of politics.


Since it was founded in 2015, End Citizens United has drawn a huge response. Almost from the beginning small donations began pouring in, quickly adding up to millions. In the first three months of 2017 the PAC raised $4 million, putting it on track to raise an estimated $35 million for the 2018 election cycle. That would beat the $25 million End Citizens United raised in the 2016 election cycle by $10 million.


It is significant to note that the average contribution to End Citizens United is just $12. This is the way political money should be raised, say the group’s leaders – small contributions given by tens of thousands of “ordinary, average citizens” who can make their voices heard with the small amounts of money they can afford. It’s a political fundraising system that spreads democracy fairly and evenly across a wide swath of the American population.



Billionaire George Soros Speaks Out About The 2016 Presidential Election

The billionaire George Soros and many other donors on Biography put millions of dollars together for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. It has been reported by Politico that Soros donated $25 million. Soros has in recent years been a little more quiet about his donations to the Democratic party. He has rarely given a lot of donations since the loss of the candidate John Kerry. This year he felt obligated to donate to Hillary Clinton because of his respect for her and his deep distrust of her adversary Donald Trump. The efforts of George Soros to see that Hillary Clinton had a successful campaign to win failed. Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a staggering three million votes.

George Soros spoke out against Donald Trump before the final vote. He wrote a column where he analyzed how Donald Trump’s methods would hurt the fight against terrorism. He compared Donald Trump to a siren singing enticingly in one column he wrote that his son Jonathan Soros pointed out when asked about his father’s increased amount of donations this year. George Soros views the manner in which Trump speaks of ISIS and Muslims in general to be a dangerous manner of speaking. It makes it easier for ISIS to recruit people of the Muslim faith when people are so openly hating their religion in the manner Trump has been the past campaign year on discoverthenetworks.org. The travel ban that Trump put into place that is aimed at restricting travel of mainly Muslim countries also is something helpful for ISIS to recruit more followers. Such a ban makes it easy to claim that the people of the west dislike Muslims. This makes it simple for ISIS to create propaganda that causes people to believe in their terrorist group.

Following the election on nytimes.com, George Soros also spoke out against Donald Trump. He stated firmly that Donald Trump is not going to succeed based on his policies that are inconsistent. Mr. Soros stated that he views Trump as someone who will act like a ‘wannabe dictator’. The strength of the United States government should not allow a dictatorship, but the world and the American people are watching. George Soros will hopefully be correct that Donald Trump will not be able to fulfill the unconstitutional aspects of his campaign policies.

George Soros funds Hillary’s campaign to boost her chances of winning

The billionaire and financier philanthropist came back to the political scene after his previous failed effort to keep George W. Bush from office in 2004. George Soros recently donated $6 million towards the leading PAC that supports Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The presidential campaign marks a mega return of the world’s billionaire and financier and makes him one of the biggest givers in all of the American politics.

The large check he gave brings to $8 million that the Hungarian-born investor has spent that amount to Clinton groups too. Soros had previously donated other amounts in the previous year to Clinton and backed up PAC. George Soros is a philanthropist among the wealthy Democrats. He is among the few liberals that have shown a genuine willingness to drop an eight-figure simply to fund the campaigns on topics.wsj.com. He has previously donated more than $20 million in 2004 to groups that wanted to oust President George W. Bush. After his failed attempt, he dialed back his money and never had any much political spending afterward.

Despite this, Soros was able to give $1 million, to priorities within the USA in 2012. The amount was primarily dedicated to supporting President Obama’s re-election on politico.com. In the same year, he told a close Clinton friend that he regrets giving support to Obama over her in the 2008 preliminary campaigns. He later praised Clinton for giving him an opportunity to discuss great policy. All these were indicated in emails released the previous month by the State Department.

About George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire known for his philanthropic work and his investments. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in mid-1930. During his early years, he fled the Nazis in the 1940s and moved to New York in 1956 where he began his life of finance. He began his philanthropic efforts as early as 1979. By 2012 Soros had donated in his entire life amounts that went beyond $7billion, most of these amounts were made through his Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was established in 1984. The foundation had a range of activities such as advancing education, public health, business development, justice and having an independent media on project-syndicate.org. Soros has in the past supported several causes that have helped other non-profit organizations and calamities. He has aided regions struck by natural disasters, funded several arts programs and established an after-school program in New York.

George has become a beloved person through the many organizations he has funded to help shape up the society. He has undertaken several humanitarian projects, funded several financial empires and most of all written 12 books that have a keen focus on subjects about the war on global capitalism. George Soros is today a giant in finance and a highly influential figure in giving.

Maduro’s opponents want to change election rules

The move to oust Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro took another twist last week when the opposition party controlled parliament changed the rules on how a recall vote can be held, according to a Reuters article. The new laws would speed up the process as the president’s detractors want to push Maduro at as the economic crisis that has gripped the county widens.
The constitution allows a recall or a referendum vote on whether to keep the politician in office, after half his term has passed. Maduro was elected in 2013 and is nearing the halfway point. The new law would cut the term of president from six years to four, and it would apply to Maduro.

But earlier this month the Elections Council said it had the authority to ask for recall votes. The new law would put it in the hands of the Legislature, which is the basic conflict at the moment – who gets to call for a recall. Opponents do not want to have to wait the whole three years. The measure could be struck down by the supreme court, which has sided with the president on key issues since he has been in office.

A poll earlier funded by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa this year showed that nearly two thirds of Venezuelans blame the president for current problems and want him ousted. “The socialistic government model seems to have failed, leaving the county with massive unemployment, shortages of all kinds and inflation that seems out of control” says analyst Adrian Jose.