Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Offer Rare Glimpse at Unseen America

It is not very often that a song, collection of stories, set of poems, or essays fully capture the essence of America so aptly or so well that it can be said to be the defining work for a period. Even more rare for all of those to be written by the same person yet still receive the same praise.

The rare exception, in this case, would be Doug Levitt’s own Greyhound Diaries, a collection of stories gathered from his time spent traveling the countryside using only the Greyhound bus system. The stories he collected are told across several different mediums ranging from short poems, personal recollection in the form of stories, while some have become songs adding to the collection of originals written by the talented traveler.

Doug Levitt Captures the Multi-faceted Reality of America in the Best Way Possible

As the story of our country and the people who live here are each in their own way a truly unique experience, each new addition to the Greyhound Diaries storyline captures its own unique portion of the journey. And as each personality and individual are at their best when beside a counterpart that catches the areas where they may falter, each separate iteration of the Greyhound Diaries helps paint a more fully realized picture of the America Doug Levitt encountered as he traveled.

Though the moments of the journey, and certainly the Greyhound Diaries in part, that stand out are the encounters with many of the colorful characters Levitt encountered, the Greyhound Diaries finds ground on a platform making it very much more than simply a road trip piece of art. Throughout the works common themes of redemption, hope, longing, and the search for a better tomorrow that Doug Levitt saw within every person he met while traveling through the country, at times through places that have become only accessible from the outside world solely by Greyhound line. Doug Levitt on Twitter.

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