Norman Pattiz – PodCastOne and Advertising Studies

Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman of PodcastOne. He has over 40 years in radio syndication and he is also the funder of Westwood One. Westwood One is the biggest news, sports, traffic programming, talk and entertainment providers in the broadcast industry.

Recently studies were performed on advertising tests and five nationally known consumer brands were put to the test. These major brands were tested on product and service categories and the impact that podcast advertising had on them. Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster announced the outcome of these tests. Tom Webster is the Vice President of Edison Research.

Many key factors were noted from the results of the pre podcast advertising and the post podcast advertising. Those listening to podcasts would recognize a store or brand and mentino it about seven percent of the time prior to hearing podcast advertising. After a listener had head advertising in a podcast they would mention the store or brand up to sixty percent of the time they were asked about it.

Product awareness raised by up to 47% for financial service products after people listenened to podcasts that contained advertising. Awareness on automobile services raised by 37% and awareness for lawn and garden products raised by 24%.

Additionally, prior to the studies on on impacts of podcast advertising, people had a positive automobile aftermarket opinion of about 18% but after podcast advertising that number increased to 1/3 of the listeners having a positive opinion. The same is to be said about lawn and garden products. Prior to podcast advertising people had a 16% positive opinion which raised to 22%. Podcast advertising also raised restaurant awareness to 76%.

In 2016 Edison researched performed three seperate studies. These studies were targeted at pinpointing the effectiveness of podcast advertising. These studies were submitted as online surveys to target specific groups of listeners. Each study ran anywhere from four to six weeks.

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