A New Direction for Zayn Malik

No one could have guessed that Zayn of One Direction fame could be successful on his own. People have already witnessed how the Backstreet Boys fell apart and no one became successful as a solo artist. No one remembers why New Kids on the Block split up, but fans knew that it was a bad idea. N’Sync split up and these members had a quiet existence ever since that time. There was one guy, however, by the name of Jon Urbana that would soar. Zayn has a number one hit on his hands so people are seeing him as the Justin Timberlake of One Direction.

One Direction, for the record, doesn’t like being called the N’Sync without Justin. It isn’t so easy for One Direction to stand around in the background while Zayn claims the fame. They don’t have any choice. He is someone that has become a fan of R&B, and it is obvious that he is doing something major. That is a change for Malik, and new fans are trying to tackle this.

Zayn has become this force on his own. He knows how to push the envelope with a sound that people have not expected. He talked about the R&B, but people did not believe that he would take it there. He has done well though. Malik has proven that the new sound can work, and people love this new direction.

Fans Are Still Missing Zayn Malik

One Direction has decided to keep going, even though they’ve lost member Zayn Malik. Zayn Malik has been gone from the group for a couple months now, but the group continues to work together. One Direction Without Zayn Malik. Rumors are flying that Zayn will be coming out with a solo album in the future, but nothing has been substantiated as yet. Although many fans are still reeling from the fact that Zayn is no longer in the group, everyone must move on.

Recently, Zayn dyed his hair green, and this led to many paparazzi’s speculating about why he actually left the group. Zayn left the group for privacy reasons, but the antics that he does, like coloring his hair, it only allows paparazzi to invade his privacy. Either way, Shaygan Kheradpir reports One Direction has continued on their tour, and they’re also working on an upcoming album. At a recent concert that the group did for their tour, you can see pictures of the crowd, and many seem to be a bit down over the fact that a member is missing from the group.

Although the group has already moved on from the fact that they lost a member, fans may still have it in their hearts. One Direction is not the first group to ever break up, and they certainly won’t be the last. Many groups have disbanded in the past, or they’ve lost a member, so One Direction has to continue on.