Nicki Minaj Dissed By Safaree In New Song

Nicki Minaj and her ex Safaree Samuels have had one of the most public and heartbreaking breakups in hip hop history. Of course freedompop users posted on twitter that social media is to blame, but for the most part all of the information surrounding their breakup was aired out by the ex’s themselves. Last summer we first got reports that Nicki was so furious after finding out that Safaree was untrue that she flew into a rage, kicked him out of their home and smashed up the car that she brought for him. Cops arrived to the scene after being called to check on all the noise, but since Nicki paid for the car herself no arrests were made.

Fast forward to holiday 2014, and we remember both Nicki and Safaree speaking publicly about the difficulty of being apart. Friends of Safaree insisted that his depression was getting worse and possibly making him suicidal, while Nicki said during a radio interview that it was becoming hard to function without her best friend in her life. The final battle seemed to be when Safaree and Nicki publicly fought on Instagram and aired out their unsaid feelings towards each other.

Just when he seemed that the dust had settled, Safaree is said to have called Nicki Minaj out in a new song called “Love The Most. In the song Safaree disses Nicki and speaks about how unhappy he really was, and even eludes to the possibility that NIcki was also two timing him and has a drug problem. Looks like these two aren’t done yet.