Netflix’s Increasing and Surprising Anime Offerings


In the past, Netflix anime selection left much to be desired. But with the increasing popularity of anime; driven by series such as Naruto, with it’s many incarnations and Death Note, which has been slated as a Netflix Original live action; it appears that fan’s options will soon be increasing.


Netflix recently posted several new job opportunities such as, Director, International Originals – Anime and Manager and Content Acquisition – Anime. This is a big indication of their focus and interest in expanding the content selection.


Whether you’re a fan of traditional action titles, such as the mega-hit Attack on Titan, or a quintessential magical girl show, like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, there’s guaranteed to be something to pique your interest.


One of the most overlooked selections currently available on Netflix is Your Lie in April. This shonen selection can be heavily soaked in melodrama, but it so clearly captures the essence of what it’s like to be coming into one’s own in life and the fervor of young love. The show starts off with a focus on comedy, hinting that there’s more beneath the service, and slowly evolves into a poignant example of friendship and love.


Being centered around musicianship and competitive playing, the score is exceptionally well done. As the music swelling during key scenes with it’s main characters, it truly pulls you in and takes you on their journey with them. Your Lie in April uses music to transform the lives of the people it touches. When one of the main characters, Kaori Miyazono asks, ‘My music… will it reach them?’, the answer is overwhelmingly, yes.