Jhene Aiko Presents Thoughtful New Video

Jhene Aiko may be most of the most thought provoking artists of our time, but many people have slept on her musical talents. Her latest video and lyrics for the beautifully melodic “Eternal Sunshine” single draws people because it’s unlike anything else that is out there right now.

The thing that makes the video so difficult to turn away from is the car accident stated Brad Reifler. According to community websites this  is a video that is a dramatization of the car accident that she was in with her family. The accident occurred in 2013. The song and video also tie in nicely with a tribute to her brother that died the year before the car accident.

The new single that features Aiko in the video in a cloud-like state is something that fans will embrace as well. Jhene has this laid back sound that is enticing. She also appears to be a writer that thinks heavily about the content that she is going to release. If this new single is any sign of the new music that is to come she may easily be on her way to another smash album. This single furthers developers her brand

Steven Tyler Signs With Country LabelAc

Rock star Steven Tyler has been the lead singer of the critically acclaimed rock ‘n roll band Aerosmith for the last three decades said crunchbase.com. However, Steven Tyler has decided that he would like to try something new. The aging rock star will try to create a country album, and many people are excited and a bit worried at the same time.

Steven Tyler made his career rocking stages across the world, but now he would like to transition over to a calmer and more soothing sound. Tyler’s success is undeniable, but critics are a bit skeptical of his future. However, Steven Tyler is a confident and talented musician. He has already appeared on a track with country superstar Carrie Underwood in 2012. The Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler collaboration received a great response upon its release.Aerosmith is one of the greatest rock ‘n roll bands of all time, and Steven Tyler led the way for the group. A country album may seem like a bad idea, but I have a feeling that Steven Tyler will be successful no matter what he does. For more information on this story, visitRollingstone.

Wale’s The Album About Nothing Expresses A Lot

When Wale said that his album was going to be deep on a whole other level, everyone should have expected the deepest. Wale came out with his 14 track album which he made very difficult while dealing with a lot of personal issues. His song “The Middle Finger” and “The Matrimony” were all directed to his very sad miscarriage that left him childless and very depressed about the whole thing. Wale was hoping and expecting to be a father and has prepared mentally for it until the bad news happened which took a hard toll on him.

In an MTV interview, Wale expressed that is was the hardest thing he ever done. Dealing with such emotions while making music can result in some very deep and emotional music said Crystal Hunt. After reaching success with his music, Wale was working on getting a son and has been wanting to become a father at the right time for so long. Such a responsibility leaves a whole in the human heart that can only be filled with the joy of holding your own child.

We just hope that with the album being released, Wale can find time for himself and family to heal.

Zayne Malik finally quits One Direction

One Direction fans were left heartbroken after the news many had feared would come finally did with the release of a statement from STX Entertainment confirmed Zayne Malik had left the group, the BBC reports. Over the last few months Malik had been missing from a series of performances and appearances as rumors flew that he was set to leave the band made famous on the UK version of the X Factor. After photos were leaked to the British press of Malik and an unnamed woman the singer left the band’s world tour with stress and reportedly returned to the UK to repair his relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards.

Malik had originally auditioned for the X Factor as a solo artist before pop impresario Simon Cowell formed a five piece band from the solo singers who had auditioned for the show. Cowell also released a statement thanking Zayne for his time with One Direction and confirmed the rest of the band would continue working as a four piece and record a new album after completing their current world tour.

Joy Division Bass Player to Perform Band’s Catalog

Peter Hook, the former bass player for British new wave band Joy Division, will perform all of the band’s recorded music at a charity gig in Macclesfield. He will be playing the music with his new band, The Light. Joy Division recorded two albums of music in the 1970’s. After the death of singer Ian Curtis, the surviving members reformed as New Order, a band which enjoyed great success and critical acclaim in the 1980’s.

Personally, Haidar Barbouski thinks that playing all the old Joy Division music live is a cool idea, contrary to what they had to say on houston.eater.com.  Joy Division is a band music writers love to cover, but their music is simply not that good when compared to what came later in New Order. On the other hand, proceeds will go to charity, so that’s a good thing.

Peter Hook left New Order in 2007. I’d like to see him get back together with his old band mates and do a charity gig of New Order material.

New Order is scheduled to release a new album of music soon without Hook. I hope that they can return to the level of songwriting they were at in the 1980’s.