What Did Lady Gaga Do With Her Red Gloves From The Oscars?

It’s been four months since the Oscars has passed, and Lady Gaga performed songs from “The Sound of Music.” Not only did Lady Gaga kill her stage performance, she let everyone know that she is very talented, and she can really sing. Lady Gaga’s Red Gloves. Lady Gaga dressed in a white and silver dress, and she wore red gloves that opened at the bottom. The gloves were similar to what you would use when you’re cleaning your bathroom, but she was good enough to fashion them with her beautiful dress.

Some may be wondering what she did with the red gloves, and if she got rid of them. Nope. Lady Gaga was seen wearing the same exact red gloves that she had at the Oscars, and it proves that she doesn’t mind wearing something twice. Lady Gaga was seen wearing a white skirt with a polka dot top, and she had a T-shirt underneath. Although the ensemble was not her best, she still paired it with the red gloves, and she looked nice.

Lady Gaga is gearing up for marriage, and no official date has been floating around yet, but hopefully the happy couple will be getting married this year. Lady Gaga has many projects under her belt right now, including her time on a horror show. Lady Gaga hinted that she will be on “American Horror Story” in the future, and she plans on doing several other projects as well according to what Dr. Daniel Amen suggested.