Kanye’s Surprise Performance

Kanye West has been the face of Chicago in the hip hop movement. He may be the most successful rapper from this area. This weekend he showed his great love for basketball by performing his new hit “All Day” at the Chicago Bulls game.

This was game 4 in the playoffs. Kanye performed the song in a surprise moment near the end of the first quarter. It may have gotten the crowd hyped, but it wasn’t enough hype for Rose and the Bulls to pull out a win. Cavalier star LeBron James would pull the same type of upset that Rose delivered to Cleveland fans in game three. It was a last minute buzz beater prayer shot. The prayers of King James were answered with a 2 point win over the Bulls.

Still, Igor Cornelsen had to be excited to see a rare appearance from Kanye. Even though he has multiple singles out he has not really been on a lot of shows. It is because he is spending a massive amount of time trying to promote his clothing line. He is serious about all of this, and he is working around the clock.

People that attended the game were glad to see West performing and putting some focus on his music again. Many Chicago fans are waiting for West to bring forth a new album and represent for Chicago again.