Kanye West Celebrates Turning Thirty-Eight

Rap mogul and Kardashian husband Kanye West has recently celebrated his 38th birthday. And he celebrated as one normally does, by having The Staples Center rented out for the day. For those who are unaware, The Staples Center is home to the professional basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. His wife Kim planned the celebration as a surprise for his big day. Rumors are that his 34-year-old wife dropped $110,000 to rent out the venue for the event.

His friends, the Kardashian clan, and professional basketball players all came together to play ball and mingle during the event reports Brian Bonar on LinkedIn. Soulful crooner John Legend even made an appearance to sing happy birthday for the birthday boy. Spotted at the private party was Justin Bieber, the pastor that married Kim and Kanye, as well as the more famous Kardashian sisters.

Kim and Kanye have just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and share a daughter named North West. Kim is reportedly pregnant again, with rumors of her possibly carrying twins. I’m sure that the public will know soon enough what is happening inside Kim’s uterus, she can’t seem to differentiate between a public persona and a private life.

For pictures from Kanye’s big day, check them out on BuzzFeed.com.

Kanye’s Surprise Performance

Kanye West has been the face of Chicago in the hip hop movement. He may be the most successful rapper from this area. This weekend he showed his great love for basketball by performing his new hit “All Day” at the Chicago Bulls game.

This was game 4 in the playoffs. Kanye performed the song in a surprise moment near the end of the first quarter. It may have gotten the crowd hyped, but it wasn’t enough hype for Rose and the Bulls to pull out a win. Cavalier star LeBron James would pull the same type of upset that Rose delivered to Cleveland fans in game three. It was a last minute buzz beater prayer shot. The prayers of King James were answered with a 2 point win over the Bulls.

Still, Igor Cornelsen had to be excited to see a rare appearance from Kanye. Even though he has multiple singles out he has not really been on a lot of shows. It is because he is spending a massive amount of time trying to promote his clothing line. He is serious about all of this, and he is working around the clock.

People that attended the game were glad to see West performing and putting some focus on his music again. Many Chicago fans are waiting for West to bring forth a new album and represent for Chicago again.

Kanye Changes the Name of His Album Once Again

Crystal Hunt says that Kanye West has been steadily releasing tracks for his latest album. A duet with Paul McCartney, “Only One”, served as an ode to his deceased mother, Donda, and “All Day” is a party anthem that can get any crowd jumping. One thing that was left unknown about this new album was the name. In true Kanye fashion, he has switched the name of the album to keep his fans guessing.

In February, Kanye announced that his album would be entitled, So Help Me God. Just two months later, he has now changed the name of the album to Swish. He sent out a notice to his followers on Twitter of the new name change. He even warned his fans that the album name may change again at some point.

In most cases, artists tend to keep the details of their project under wraps until everything is in place and the album is ready to launch. But in Kanye’s world, working against the status quo is his modus operandi. He wants to get his fans pumped up for the release of his new project by constantly switching the name. In a perfect world, Kanye would be a sensible man who was able to stick by his decisions, but the indecisive nature of the unpredictable rapper is what makes him so appealing to the masses.