People Reluctant To Observe Hurricane Evacuation Instructions: A Study by Plymouth Rock Assurance Reveals

When disasters strike, people need to know how they should respond and act to save lives and protect property. In a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance, it showed that residents in New Jersey are reluctant to obey hurricane evacuation guidelines and instructions. The 2015 Plymouth Rock Assurance New Jersey Hurricane Preparedness Study published on June 23, 2015 revealed that only 47 percent of New Jersey residents who took part in the survey said they would leave their communities in case they were asked to evacuate due to an incoming hurricane.

On top of that, 42 percent of the residents who polled noted that the decision to evacuate would mostly depend on up their perception of the severity of a hurricane. Failure to obey any evacuation order may result in devastating situations not only for the people who hang on and stay but also for the emergency team.

Insurance companies like Plymouth Rock Assurance provide hurricane preparedness tips to help people whenever there are threats posed by hurricanes. A majority of the people who flee from their homes due to hurricanes find themselves thousands of miles away. It makes it difficult for them to communicate with their insurance companies such as Plymouth Rock Assurance. Talking on the phone may not be possible because the agents are probably too busy handling various claims from policyholders.

According to Boston Globe, Plymouth Rock Assurance has provided online services where customers and policyholders can file their claims online and get quick answers without necessarily having to visit the agents. This enhances communication and allows easy engagement of the agents and customers.

Agents can also process documents faster. This has improved the way in which Plymouth Rock Assurance communicates with agents and policyholders who may not be present in the area. Plymouth Rock Assurance is a leading insurance company founded by the CEO James Stone.

James Stone was a lecturer at Harvard University where he taught Economics in the early 1970s. When teaching at Harvard, he used to consult in the insurance industry but on a part-time basis. He served as the Insurance Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Stone was a member of the Board of Directors for the Newspaper Corporation, The Boston Globefrom 1998 to 2006.

Stone was also a co-founder of a Bermuda re-insurer company known as Cat Limited. He also established Homesite Group Inc. and Response Insurance. Stone has authored a book on securities industry called One Way for Wall Street.