Real Estate Guru Todd Lubar

The Real Estate is a multi-billion industry, which generates billions of dollars annually, and Todd Lubar is one of the entrepreneurs reaping off the profits. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Speech Communication and joined the industry in 1995. It was not long before he realized that real estate was everything he wanted to do with his life. His desire to help others find homes inspired him to want to succeed in industry. He borrowed a loan from the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he got educated on the importance of conventional banking. He dedicated his time in networking and building relationships with insurance agents, CPA’s, real estate agents, and financial planners, who are invaluable sources of referral business. More details can be found on

Growing Into the Industry

In 1999, the Real Estate enthusiast acquired an equity position in a Legacy Financial Group. The position enabled him to increase his lending capabilities to broker loans not only as a direct mortgage but also to external investors. In 2002, Todd founded a residential development firm the Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Financial LLC is commercial lending firm for business persons and startups. Having over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Todd was able to identify a niche of the market that was underserved. In an article on Hackronym, he leveraged his firm’s liquidity alongside with his personal savings to help the niche access unlimited fund. He managed over 7000 transactions every day, which helped him understand the risks involved in every loan scenario and was able to make wise decisions.

The company grew quickly and fostered numerous purchases, profits, selling, and rehabilitation of many transactions from single family units to multi-family units. This experience helped him create a web of network with other real estate gurus to build a trade that was necessary for producing quality services. He also got a chance to establish key partnerships with major banking firms, which were sources of high net credit lines for his business. Following such relationships with banks, Todd Lubar started a Charter Funding. Charter Funding is a privately owned mortgage firm and a branch of the Magnus Financial Corporation. The Charter gave Todd significant access to large program and products, which helped him to expand his enterprise.

Other Interests

Todd Lubar has also been involved in the Automotive Scrap metal recycling. When the mortgage industry became shaky, he tried his luck in other lines of business like demolition. He used his credibility in real estate to obtain large contracts from the leading general contractors in the U.S.