How We Used Securus Technologies to Find a Most Wanted Fugitive

I work on the fugitive task force in our state, and was recently assigned to a case that got global attention. When a top-ranking gang member who was in jail on numerous murder charges escaped, we had to get him back quickly before more innocent blood was shed. The first thing we did was set up a perimeter, but these gang members have such a deep network of soldiers that he could be miles from the jail in minutes.


My next course of action was to monitor communications between the fugitives family and friends. There chatter was non-existent, meaning he was already deep in hiding and we had a huge problem on our hands because every hour that passed, he could be states away.


Recently we had Securus Technologies install a new inmate communication system in our county jail. The company is run by CEO Rick Smith, and his motto of existing to help make the world a safer place resonated with all my staff. We know they are based out of Dallas, and we had access to the 1,000 employees there to help us get up to speed with the LBS software.


Soon after I learned how to monitor the system, we got a huge break. Through chatter in the jail with high-ranking gang members, we were able to crack a coded message that basically was about getting the fugitive a fake passport before he left for Mexico this weekend. We had to act fast, and while he lay sleeping in a safe house the day before his departure, we stored that house with a force of 40 officers and brought him back to where he belonged.


The Securus Technologies inmate communication system was instrumental in helping us to get a fugitive off the streets and back safely behind bars.


Securus Saves Lives With Innovation

Intercepting communications is critical in many different aspects of life. It is one of the reasons that baseball players cover their mouths with their gloves when they have a chat during a timeout on the mound. If the other team steals the signals or reads the lips of the ballplayers, they can adjust their game plan in order to improve their chances of winning the game.

Intercepting to medication is also very important during wartime. It is why governments spend so much time on code breaking and espionage. If you know the opposition’s battle plans, you can adjust your own strategy, plan surprise attacks and beef up defenses where needed.

The most critical use for intercepting communication today is to prevent crime. If you could listen in to the planning of criminal activity, police officers can stop the crime before it even happens. That is exactly what a telephone company called Securus Technologies allows law enforcement to do.

This telephone company handles all telephone services inside of a jail. Any prisoner looking to communicate with anyone on the outside of the prison must make a telephone call through this company. There is a lot of information to collect in these telephone calls, and many times criminals plan criminal activity using the telephone.

These recorded telephone calls are made available to law enforcement. Securus Technologies assists law enforcement with an incredible software innovation that makes the recorded telephone calls searchable. The police officer can search for a particular individual’s voice. Every phone call involving that particular voice will be displayed immediately for review.

This software innovation has far-reaching impact in the criminal justice industry. It has been known to give law enforcement officers the information they need to prevent crimes. Lives can be saved with the proper use of this incredible software innovation.

Securus Technologies gets red carpet treatment at 2017 Stevies

Securus Technologies, a national leader in inmate communication, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2017 Stevie Awards. These coveted titles are handed to those companies which show an unwavering commitment to excellence in both customer service and products. Securus competed with thousands of other entrants this year but edged out all to make it to the final round. This guarantees that Securus will walk away with at least a Bronze Award and, with it, legitimate claim to be one of the nation’s leaders in customer service.


Securus’ selection also had a great deal to do with its ground-breaking innovations in the field of inmate communications. Its video visitation technology has proven so profoundly disruptive that it has largely replaced the old, collect-call-based telephone systems. The new technology is based on VoIP and has reduced costs of outgoing communications by orders of magnitude.



Video visitation creates real value for inmates and their families


Just 15 years ago, if a family wanted to visit an incarcerated loved one, they were faced with often grueling drives and expenses that looked more like a tropical vacation than a drive to an in-state prison.


Take a real-life example, we’ll leave out the names for privacy. An Hispanic family from San Diego wanted to visit their son, who was serving a ten year sentence for armed robbery at San Quentin in the early 2000s. They were only able to make one trip. After the arriving at the prison on the first trip, they realized that they had just driven almost 8 hours, one way, to see their son. That trip ended up costing them over $1000. The inmate ended up only seeing his family one time during his entire incarceration. Upon release, he recidivated. Securus’ video visitation has all but eliminated such tales of hardship, saving families money and ultimately, saving inmates from the grim prospect of a lifetime of recidivism.