Paul Evans Donates High-End Shoes Through City’s Homeless Services

In support of homeless artists in New York City, the notorious men’s italian shoe brand Paul Evans has risen to the occasion and given their very high end shoes from the fine old world Roman State that is Italy to area homeless shelters. “Through the Eyes of the Homeless,” a new Photography Exhibit that is blowing up this joint! The photography features many of the men living in the shelters. When this gallery opened, the homeless men were each handed a brand new pair of Paul Evans brand shoes. This gallery has a mission to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless people on our streets.

By giving back to the community in this way, Paul Evans as a company aims to help increase overall awareness of the challenges for the increasing numbers of homeless people, across the nation. They are giving this high-value donation of the top designer shoes as both for gallery showings of their work, but also for the inevitable job interviews. Commented a local homeless man, “Being homeless, I have to do a lot of walking so I can look for jobs… Having a new pair of shoes, will not only help me feel more confident, but will also help a potential employer have confidence in me.”

Homeless people in New York City now number over 3,000 and the number is quickly growing, according to the Department of Homeless Services. These are people who are living in subway stations, parked cars, and the city’s parks. Heart Gallery is a non-profit charity that has partnered with the Homeless Services Department to promote awareness and increase brainstorming for a real solution to this problem. So, the Heart Gallery displays the photography art prints of the world through homeless mens’ eyes.

“It’s staggering to learn of how many homeless are living in New York City… We took this opportunity to help our NYC community because we thought that outfitting these men with our shoes would not only help them look their best on a very important night, but also help aid in their job search efforts, commented Evan Fript, who was co-founder of Paul Evans company.