Fresh Pet Food May Change The Quality of Life For a Pet.


There are many types of foods that people are known to feed their dogs. A person may make food from home every week, or multiple times a month, and feed a dog their version of a fresh diet. A person might also only feed the dog kibble or baked foods that they made at home. Some people even go as far to feed a dog a raw diet, but many dogs cannot handle this as they have, after all, become domesticated. However, there is hope for a person who is lost and does not know what to feed a dog.

Purina Beneful is one of the types of food that a person probably knows about and has fed a dog in the past. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Beneful food, it is in fact one of the most popular and healthiest foods on the market. It comes in dry and moist, and the company even creates other items other than edibles for a dog.

However, one thing that Beneful is known for being healthy food with a low amount of preservatives and also ingredients that help keep a dog healthy. This is mainly true for older dogs and puppies, as many older dogs will be given this.

Freshpet, on the other hand like Beneful, is a wonderful new brand of food that has recently come out and is exceptional when compared to any other type of food. The thing that makes this food better, according to Richard Thompson, a chief executive of Freshpet, is that their food does not include any preservatives. While this might seem strange, it in fact means that a person has to feed the dog the dog the food before the expiration date. This also means the store needs to get it off the shelves quickly, thus increasing profit. True, it might be a bit expensive, but The Daily Herald states that the food “tastes like Thanksgiving to a dog“. This means it is delicious and just as good as a home cooked meal.

While Freshpet is delicious, it is still expensive. This means it does not have to be fed as a meal, but can instead be fed as a treat, or as a single meal during the day, thus making one package last longer.