Independent Pet Food Producers Add To Beneful’s Growth In The Market

Providing the best food for any pet is an essential part of being an effective and loving pet parent, which means finding the best possible pet food for any important member of the family. The Daily Herald explains the premium pet food market has been expanding over the course of the 21st century, and should continue to do so as increasing numbers of pet parents look to keep their pets as healthy as possible. The best foods are now available from producers ranging from independent companies to those with a long history of pet food production.

Nestle Purina was one of the first major pet food producers to look to change the way foods were produced when they arrived at the decision to create a natural pet food brand. Eventually, the Beneful brand was created in 2001, which includes a wide range of natural ingredients being used to produce a full range of wet and dry foods designed to keep pets as healthy as possible.

Beneful has grown to become one of the top global brands of pet foods in the 21st century as the movement towards natural ingredients has grown in number. The Beneful brand has always been known for putting the happiness and health of the pets they provide foods for at the top of its list of needs. This need to aid the animals themselves led to the arrival of a marketing campaign dedicated to the pets themselves, which was first used in Austria with a TV and Youtube campaign aimed directly at attracting dogs to the products; a further campaign was created with posters that would be used alongside odors to attract dogs to the smell of the Beneful dog food brand.

Placing the pets at the center of the creation and marketing of pet foods makes this a major part of producing healthy pet foods. These foods are now part of a $10 billion per year industry that looks to grow in the future as major producers of pet foods seek to enter the market formerly reserved for independent companies.