The Current Healthcare Information Tools Are Hard For Some Healthcare Providers To Set Up According To IT Entrepreneur Drew Madden

Before the dawn of computers, healthcare providers and hospitals charged for their services by developing ways to maximize insurance payments. Some health officials say electronic medical records make that practice easier. Those doctors and healthcare managers say electronic medical records are vulnerable when it comes to viruses and crashes. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was one of the providers who recently experienced a crash that lasted for six hours over a two-day period. Thanks to an alternative database, patient medical histories were still intact at the medical center. And the center was able to function while their electronic medical records platform was down.

The billing issue is being addressed by the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services. But the electronic medical records platform crashes are part of the system, according to some healthcare executives, and that’s why they don’t like them. But according to Drew Madden, one of the managing partners of the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, those crashes are avoidable if healthcare providers would seek help from professionals. Madden knows how to get electronic medical records platforms up and running without the glitches some providers experience due to inexperience, and a lack of trust in new technology. Mr. Madden has a successful history in the healthcare industry thanks to his degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering

Madden is a long-time healthcare entrepreneur who understands why companies like Amazon and CVS are venturing into the healthcare industry. Amazon is venturing into the medical equipment space and CVS may but Aetna insurance. Even though the healthcare system is a debacle in the United States, there are people and systems in place to correct the debacle if the industry can come together and share information and new technology systems. Evergreen Healthcare Partners and Nordic Consulting Partners are the two companies Madden names as the leaders in providing information, strategies, and better implementation of electronic medical records platforms. Madden is the former president of Nordic. He is responsible for turning that company into a major player in healthcare consulting and technology upgrades.