Accomplishments of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an educated man with great success in his professional life. Brian studied at the University of Delaware, he specialized in exercise science doctrine. Brian Torchin obtained his bachelor degree of science in pre-med from the University of Delaware. After completing undergraduate studies, Brian joined the Ney York Chiropractic College from 1992 to 1995 where he graduated with the chiropractic doctorate. He focused on putting to practice what he learned in school, and this made him to launch a chiropractic clinic in a place called Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Through his great chiropractic knowledge Brain ensured that he helped in getting rid of the pain and suffering of his patients. Find out more about Brian at

The passion of he made him establish HCRC Staffing a firm that is instrumental in solving the staffing needs of different organizations. The firm serves legal firms, hospitals, and healthcare companies. HCRC Staffing shares fully with their customers through the periodic publications, and this is necessary for the firms that wish to borrow much from this staffing giant. HCRC helps in carrying the burden of the in-home staff of those medical offices it serves. Some of the burdens HCRC takes are recruiting, interviewing as well as hiring candidates. On the facebook, Brian makes use of the social media platform so that he adds leverage for the mission of his firm.

There are many links for HCRC jobs on the main page of Brian and a job hunter looking for a medical position can easily access the wall display. Despite Brian being very busy operating the company, he spends some time to write blog articles and extend the know-how base of his customers as well as those in the industry of healthcare staffing. The Twitter pages of Brian Torchin also show his commitment towards the mission of HCRC. Similar to the Facebook, it contains links that the job seekers can click on to get more information about various areas of the medical field such as physician assistant, supervisory physician and chiropractor job openings. In addition, he tweets regarding seminars and promotes frontline chiropractors, medical practitioners, and clinics that his firm works with.