Susan McGalla’s Latest Accomplishments In Her Role As Business Strategist For The Pittsburgh Steelers

At one point marketing expert Susan McGalla was adding new fashion designs and customer outreach ideas to American Eagle Outfitters, and now she’s doing it bigger than ever as Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. She is in charge of rolling out jerseys and fan favorite souvenirs at the franchise’s pro shop and she announced some great additions recently. McGalla had the pro shop website redone to make shopping even better for those with mobile devices, and items were added such as golf equipment and expensive jewelry with Steeler logos on them that fans have loved. Even the pro shop itself was redone recently and fans have expressed amazement over the ideas that McGalla and her staff have put into it, though they also had input from Steeler players and coaches.

Susan McGalla grew up in a rural community in eastern Ohio and may have gotten her love of football from her older brothers and her father who was a coach. She got her bachelor’s in business from Mount Union College and started her career working for the Joseph Horne department store in Pittsburgh. Her career at American Eagle started in 1994 as a local merchandising manager tasked with bringing in inventory to the women’s division, but she later moved into the corporate office and became Chief Merchandising Officer of the whole company. McGalla became a celebrated figure in Pittsburgh when she took the title of President of American Eagle and she was sometimes upheld as an icon for women breaking the norms in business, though she never came on-board with that narrative. But she was happy to see that American Eagle’s brand became more marketable to female customers as opposed to primarily males over the 16 years she served there.

Susan McGalla started serving in other executive positions in the years following leaving American Eagle including serving on the boards of HFF Inc. and also joining the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. She also founded P3 Executive Consulting and joined the Steelers’ business division not long after. She is also was a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh and has been an advisor to Mount Union College. McGalla has addressed other business women and has encouraged them not to approach their goals through the lens of being a woman, but to just look at it as a person.

David Giertz on the Importance of Social Security for Retirees

For retirees, financial security is an important indicator of the quality of life they live. One of the most important of financial security is Social Security. However, results of a survey show that many retirees lack information on how to benefit or utilize Social Security and thus end up missing on its numerous benefits. The research was conducted by Nationwide Financial; a financial advisory company headed by David Giertz. Mr. Giertz points that some retirees fail to utilize Social Security due to the mistakes done by their financial advisors as some fail to furnish them with adequate information. Interestingly, most retirees would readily drop their current financial advisors if they failed to give adequate information and professional advice on Social Security.

The Survey

During the survey, it was established that some financial advisors are professionally negligent as they are easily discouraged by the huge volume of rules they use in their profession. Some financial advisors find the over 2,700 rules practically impossible to master and hence the failure to properly advice their clients including retirees. However, the Nationwide Financial president holds that advisors have a professional obligation to properly advice their retiree clients on the benefits of Social Security. He reckons that failure to do so can lead to reputation damage and loss of clients and subsequent loss of income.

Professional and Academic Background

David Giertz is a financial advisory industry veteran with over thirty years of experience. He is a specialist in mutual funds, retirement planning and financial services advisory including investment brokerage, of which he has received certification. To cement his position as one of the best in the industry, he has sat for industry exams. This is in addition to his Master of Business Administration degree he received from University of Miami’s School of Business. He also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Millikin University where he graduated in 1986.


As a visionary leader, David Giertz has ensured that his licenses as a financial advisor and investment broker are recognized in over ten states and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). He previously worked at Citicorp Investment and Financial Horizons Security Corporation before joining Nationwide.