Cassio Audi the Brazilian Drummer

Cassio Audi is a 46-year-old Brazilian financier, with a vast professional curriculum of over 20 years in startups, private and public companies, and private equity funds. Cassio is an overachiever with an MBA and BA, from Sao Paulo University and Pontifical Catholic University respectively. Since his teenage years, Cassio Audi who is highly talented and passionate assumed leadership responsibilities and provided his skills to the growth of any organization he engaged in.

1n 1985, the Viper Band was formed, by a team of young teenage friends (Felipe, Cassio, and Andre), whose music was influenced by the heavy metals and more so the emerging iron Maiden. As part of the team, Cassio was highly involved in the production of one of their first album hits,’ The Soldiers of the Rising Sun’ that had the popular track called the ‘ Signs of the Night and Nightmares’. This created a name for Cassio in the heavy metal music in Brazil and the entire world, which made him gain more fans being an outstanding drummer. From its humble beginnings, the bands become a global success and this has continued over the years for decades. His Facebook Profile.

By applying his leadership skills, Cassio played a vital role in the band, as he helped in uniting, and coordinating its activities that were important in the development of the band. In addition, the band grew due to the influence of the rising British tune that in a way, related to the heavy metal that Cassio played. It’s at this time when Cassio appeared in one of the Band’s crucial recordings in 1985, that is ‘The Killera Sword’that featured popular songs like the ‘Nightmare and Princess from Hell’.

Cassio is known to apply his skills of creativity and critical thinking, to attract customers into his business ventures,which is a sign of how aggressive he is in fulfilling his substantial goals.