Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Dating Buzz is Her Bizz Now

Whitney Wolf Herd is the CEO of Bumble, a company that grew from a desire to have something. Whitney saw that there was an opportunity for success and went straight to it. Her success shows that in spades.

She knew that there was a need for a dating application which would offer what she had found lacking in the community. From that she created and is CEO of Bumble today. Prior to that, she spent professional life learning how to make the company great. It is now one of the fastest growing companies in the dating world today.

Bumble is headquartered in Austin, Texas where it has strategically been created with attention to every part of the company. Even the color of the building inside and out has had deliberate attention to the tiniest detail by Whitney. The color of the building is even called Bumble Yellow. Designed like a beehive it has lofty ideas which customers love.

The reason customers love it is the design of the application. Whitney, who herself is now married to her longtime friend, has stated that friendships are the basis of everything. Bumble BFF is all about that.

One of Whitney Wolfe Herd’s next big plans for Bumble is called. Bumble Bizz is much the same. It’s focus in on networking to make connections. Just like the foundations of relationships that lead to marriage, Bumble Bizz is all about networking to create connections. Those connections should be meaningful. The only way for that to happen is networking through commonalities.

Whitney attended school in Salt Lake City as a child. She then moved to Paris where her family was located during her high school years. She returned to the United States and settled in Texas, where she went to Southern Methodist University.

Long considered a marketing guru in her field, Whitney has always had a love of female strength in the marketplace. She married in one of the most romantic places in the world. Any woman would love the location. Positano, Italy was the destination for her beautiful wedding to her now husband Michael Herd. Herd, a guru in his own right, was the perfect match for Whitney.

The future of Bumble with Whitney Wolfe Herd is sure to be one of the most innovative places on the internet. The Bizz future is one that is a whole new territory to explore. Other sites have tried before, but there are few that are expected to be as big as the Buzz is for Miss Whitney Wolfe Herd.

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Whitney Wolfe of Bumble Gets Married

Whitney Wolfe of Bumble just got married. The serial entrepreneur who co-founded Tinder is now off the dating market. Officially tying the knot with her lover, Mr. Michael Herd from Texas, Whitney graced her matrimonial event in a beautiful white gown at the Amalfi Coast. Being a private event, the couple is set to make an official announcement regarding their new promise to each other. Family and friends have been sending their congratulatory messages through Instagram as well as Twitter. Additionally are the photos of that day on their timelines. Ashley Longshore, their long time friend sent a message to the newly wedded coupled stating that they make love what it is, a beautiful thing.


Whether you are divorced, separated, in an open relationship or just looking for a partner to have fun, you have probably heard that online platforms are some of the best shopping places. Having faced her own challenges in dating online, Whitney Wolfe started an online dating site called Bumble. Before that, she was the co-founder of Tinder, a relatively famous dating application that has connected millions of people. She quit Tinder based on her first hand experience of intolerance. With a pending case that was not addressed to her satisfaction, she ventured into an application that would later magnify the strength of a woman.


Whitney’s story redefines the gender roles and their placement in the new world. To her, most dating applications give more attention to the man that the woman. That is not the case in Bumble. Bumble allows the woman to take the upper lead by initiating the conversation. The man should be on the other side, waiting for the woman to make plans. As if this is not enough, if the notification for a conversation is not met by positivity, the woman is allowed to report misconduct. Whitney explains that society is accustomed to the conventional norms in which a woman must bow to a man. Being a new era with women dominating the ever male-dominated industries, Bumble is here to redefine the dating rules.


When Whitney founded Bumble, she never thought that it would become a huge success story. Being a female first application for dating, it was a risky venture. The journey has however been smooth with most people signing up. From having three employees, Whitney Wolfe is now a proud employer of 35 people since 2014. It is projected that her Bumble application has been downloaded by 11 million users.

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Richard Mishaan Design and the Art of Interior Decorating

Richard Mishaan has made a name for himself as one of New York’s finest interior designers. Mishaan is one of the most outgoing and open luxury designers in the city and this approach has made him both accessible and easy to learn from. Richard Mishaan Design, his flagship design company, has been in operation since 1978. Over the past thirty years Richard Mishaan has worked hard around the world and home in New York in order to create for himself a company that stood proudly for both its style and its substance.

Richard Mishaan was born in the city of Cartagena in Colombia. Mishaan was partly raised in Cartagena as well as partly raised in Italy. He claims that this upbringing allowed him to take in a variety of different influences from an early age. Mishaan remembers fondly the bright and diverse color patterns of Cartagena as well as the refined and modern looks of Italy. One thing you will never find in a Richard Mishaan Design home is minimalism. Richard Mishaan Design is a company that focuses on creating luxurious, lavish, and completely unique homes for their clients and they do this by incorporating as much detail as possible.

The typical Richard Mishaan Design room is filled with different textures, patterns, colors and eras. Richard Mishaan has never been afraid to mix eras and this has allowed him to open up on a variety of different concepts. Mishaan also believes in creating focal points in each room out of an uncommon item. Whether a painting or souvenir from abroad, each focal point just adds another layer to the Richard Mishaan Design magic.

Richard Mishaan has worked around New York City in some of the finest buildings, such as the St Regis Suites. He has also done work on the Trump World Towers. With each new room complete, Mishaan opens his company up to further success.

The Customers Love Fabletics

A Little Info About Fabletics

Kate Hudson is one of the creators of the multimillion dollar athleisure company called Fabletics. Athleisure is a type of clothing that mixes activewear with leisurewear. It is a type of clothing that a person can wear if they want to work out, lounge around the house, hang out with friends, or just be comfortable. Fabletics was also founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Fabletics was started in July 2013. Originally, Fabletics was a company that mostly sold athleisure clothing for women, but in 2005 they launched an activewear line for men.


Kate Hudson is woman who has an eye for business and success. She realized that there was a huge market for athleisure, and she wanted to be a part of it. This is a company that has a free membership, and VIP members receive special emails every month so that they can have the opportunity to get their newest clothing. Fabletic members can be charged around $50 each month and receive that same amount in store credit that never expires. This is an amount that they can use to purchase their clothing online, or they can go to any one of Fabletic’s brick and mortar locations to pick out their favorite outfit.


News About Crowd Sourcing

Recently, Huffington Post did an article about how companies like Fabletics are using the power of the crowd to gain new customers. Research has shown that now more than ever, people are looking to crowd sourced reviews in order to determine the reliability of their future purchases. Businesses that are paying close attention to customer behavior are capitalizing on the review centric marketing trends.


Fabletics is a company that has been has been able to use the power of crowd-sourcing ever since its brand began in 2014. Since 84% of people trust online reviews with the same amount of confidence that they would have for someone who they know, the different sites that customers can go to in order to look at online reviews have become highly popular. Yelp is popular when it comes to customer reviews. They have had 25.8 million devices that have installed Yelp


Do What The Company Wants

When a company gets consistently positive reviews from customers, those reviews make it much more likely that their company will appear on different Google search reviews. Since that is the case, when a company has high ratings, they have 17% higher percentage of being viewed on Google. Over half of customers that were surveyed said that they read reviews regularly. That amount is over 50% higher than years before. 60% of those same customer said that if they read a negative review, they would most likely not use the business or buy a product. Since it is obvious that customers highly regard crowd opinions, savvy companies do well to follow the lead of Fabletics and continue to research the evolving trends of their customers. These companies also must be diligent about producing quality products and services that keep their customers happy.

Chris Burch Is Aiming High For His Investments

Chris Burch is no stranger to success. Even as a young man he was planning strategies to earn money and create wealth for himself. He was involved in a whole list of business endeavors in college wich spanned from selling hot dogs to vacations. He was always looking for new efficient ways to amass wealth. After college, he and his brother were able to create a startup business called Eagle Eye which blossomed into a prosperous company which they sold. They began to be involved with many other quite successful endeavors include Jawbone, Voss, and many others. Chris Burch took his love for investing and building business and applied it to clients that he could help accomplish the same goals.


For over forty years, Christopher Burch has been creating viable businesses that follow a formula that leads to success and adds value to their customer’s lives. Burch Creative Capital is the main company that is investing in the success of several brands that range from products offered by Ellen DeGeneres to Brad’s Raw Foods. Chris Burch is currently listed as a billionaire by Forbes Magazine as of 2012.

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  1. Christopher Birch was born in 1953 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He has nine other siblings and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was in the mining supplies industry and he was from a middle-class family. He attended Ithica College. While still in college he began building companies. Later on, he helped his wife launch Tory Burch fashion and then sold his share in 2012. In 2008 he started Burch Creative Capital. He also owned C. Wonder which he sold in 2015 to Xcel Brands. Chris Burch has had a long and notable career of extraordinary success and continues to create profitable companies by using unconventional tactics that have been proven to be effective.