George Soros Open Source Foundation

George Soros is the founder of the great philanthropic organization by the name Open Source Foundations. This foundation is partnering in more than one hundred countries in the world in development projects and charity. He has a physically prevailing thought toward an open society where everyone respects human rights, regimes are accountable directly to the people, and no one has a monopoly on reality. This renders the organization to be the biggest ever philanthropic foundation in history.

He started his safe journey back in 1979. He commenced by giving out scholarships to black Africans under the apartheid organization in South Africa. In the eastern bloc of the United States, he helped undermine communism in the 1980s by issuing Xerox machinery to duplicate banned information and supported development in the western regions.

When the Berlin Wall fell, he went ahead and created the Central European University. This was aimed at promoting crucial thinking. He also expanded his philanthropic efforts throughout Asia, Africa and the entire United Sates of America through his charitable foundation. He has also supported numerous individuals with lawyers to represent them legally because most were detained several years behind bars without any legal help.

He has also underwritten the most concerted and largest efforts in history by bringing into Europe; the Roma people mainstream. The foundation has also provided university and school fees for thousands of people as well as the Roma, asylum seekers and marginalized groups of individuals.

Soros helped greatly in the establishment of the international system that brings accountability and transparency to resource utilization in every industry that makes payoffs secretly to tyrants for many years fueling political unrest and terrible violence. The Global Witness, the EU council of foreign relations and the New Economic Institute of Thinking, are some of the many organizations that have been directly funded to existence by George Soros. Than most people, Soros success in the market of finance has given him greater independence. It has propelled him to stand more major controversial issues. For more reading, please visit Open Society Foundations.

The entire Russian Federation is posing a significant challenge to Europe and its existence at large. The European people, as well as leaders, are not even aware of that problem or how to deal with it. This is attributed largely to one fact that the EU, in particular, lost control after the monetary crisis in the year 2008.

The prevailing rules in Europe have aroused resentment. Now anti-Europe parties are capturing more seats that in the last general election of their parliament. Now Russia presents a challenge to Europe’s values and principles that base the European Union. This problem is based on the usage of force manifesting itself in aggression overseas and repression back at home opposing the law. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, is proving to be more superior to Europe. He is always swinging surprises.

The US and Europe are avoiding any possible confrontation with the Russian Federation in the militia. Russia takes that advantage and messes around. Russia has invaded Ukraine and posed more challenge to the existence of the country. For more reading, please visit nybooks.

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