Healthy BenefulIncrediBites for Your Small Dog

When you have a small dog, you may be having a hard time finding just the right food for them so that their little mouths can chew it up. Now there is the Purina BenefulIncediBites. They are made for the smaller breeds of dogs and puppies. You will want to get your pet some, and see how much they love it.

The best flavor of the IncrediBites that you can get is the beef, peas and carrots flavor. These are all real ingredients that your pet will love. The beef is farm raised. The IncrediBites are extremely beneficial for a small dog. They are filled with nutrients, and this will work well with a small dog’s high metabolism rate. In just one cup of IncrediBites, your dog will consume 23 different vitamins and minerals, 27 protein grams and calcium too. They will be healthy and vibrant when you feed them this type of dog food.

You might be wondering about the price of such a great dog food for small dogs. It is a reasonable price for a 15-pound bag of IncrediBites. It is priced right at $13.99. For those that like to save even more money, go online to find coupons for the IncrediBites and watch for promotions.


Full of Goodness with Beneful – It’s In the Name!

With wholesome, real ingredients, “Beneful” means “full of goodness”. Beneful provides your dog with full complete nutrition with its antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. Your pet’s health is important and as a pet owner, you only want the best for your dog’s unique nutritional needs. Just like their human buddies, feeding your pet a food that doesn’t have the right nutrients can lead to unexpected weight gain, less energy, and overall poorer health. Beneful commercial can help your dog maintain better health with 100% complete nutrition. With real meats as the number one ingredient and touches of fruit and vegetables, with no added sugar, it has flavors that your dog can’t help but love too! With essential vitamins and minerals, your dog will be happy, healthy and vibrant every day.

Available in a wide assortment of meals and treats, Beneful has something for every dog’s taste. The dry foods come in the traditional varieties of beef, chicken, and salmon. For more specialized needs, dry options also include Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, and Playful Life. Another option for dry food is Beneful Grain-free dog food with no corn, wheat, or gluten, and no fillers for the best nutrition. Wet food is available in several varieties as well. Incredibites in beef, chicken, and salmon mixed with nutritious wild rice, carrots, and tomatoes. Chopped Blends in a wide selection of different hearty blends and for a refined taste the Tuscan, Romana, and Mediterranean Style blends. For the occasional snack, Beneful treats include tasty choices such as Incredibites Crunchy Minis, Meaty Minis and Dental Minis for smaller dogs, as well as Break-N-Bites Crunchy in Chicken or Break-N-Bites Tender in Chicken and Beef. For a healthy mouth, there’s Healthy Smile in Small/ Medium and Large sizes. Your dog can also enjoy Baked Delights Hugs in Beef and Cheese or Baked Delights Snackers in Peanut Butter or Cheese flavors.

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The Food Makes The Dog

What kind of dog do you have? My dog is a large breed dog, and he eats a lot of food to stay that big. I need to feed him the best food on the market. I want his coat to remain shiny and his teeth to keep healthy. That is why I only buy the best dog foods that I can find. I always buy what people would call premium dog food, and I know it’s worth every penny. Only careless pet owners will purchase the cheap, junky chunk dog food for their pets. I found compelling evidence in a report from the Daily Herald that justifies some of my conclusions on this topic. I’ll share the link to the article later, but in the mean time you should consider that you are already a responsible pet owner by doing your research on what foods are good for your pet. I only buy Beneful dog food for my puppy. It is made by Purina, and it comes in a varieties of types and flavors. They have eight kinds of dry dog food. My puppy likes Beneful Dry Dog Food Health Weight. It comes in healthy ingredients, with real chicken in the ingredients list. I know I’m doing the right thing for my dog, so I have never questioned buying premium dog foods. This high quality dog food from Beneful also comes in a wet food form. I think my dog likes the wet food a lot because she gets jumpy when I pick up the carton from the refrigerator. The Daily Herald claims that the premium companies buy natural, real and premium ingredients for their foods, so I know I’m doing something right for my puppy by purchasing this high quality, premium dog food. That is my responsibility, to provide a nutritious diet for my puppy, and I do this by picking up some Beneful. If you would like to read more information on this interesting topic, then you should visit the Daily Herald to see their full report by going here.