Whitney Wolfe of Bumble Gets Married

Whitney Wolfe of Bumble just got married. The serial entrepreneur who co-founded Tinder is now off the dating market. Officially tying the knot with her lover, Mr. Michael Herd from Texas, Whitney graced her matrimonial event in a beautiful white gown at the Amalfi Coast. Being a private event, the couple is set to make an official announcement regarding their new promise to each other. Family and friends have been sending their congratulatory messages through Instagram as well as Twitter. Additionally are the photos of that day on their timelines. Ashley Longshore, their long time friend sent a message to the newly wedded coupled stating that they make love what it is, a beautiful thing.


Whether you are divorced, separated, in an open relationship or just looking for a partner to have fun, you have probably heard that online platforms are some of the best shopping places. Having faced her own challenges in dating online, Whitney Wolfe started an online dating site called Bumble. Before that, she was the co-founder of Tinder, a relatively famous dating application that has connected millions of people. She quit Tinder based on her first hand experience of intolerance. With a pending case that was not addressed to her satisfaction, she ventured into an application that would later magnify the strength of a woman.


Whitney’s story redefines the gender roles and their placement in the new world. To her, most dating applications give more attention to the man that the woman. That is not the case in Bumble. Bumble allows the woman to take the upper lead by initiating the conversation. The man should be on the other side, waiting for the woman to make plans. As if this is not enough, if the notification for a conversation is not met by positivity, the woman is allowed to report misconduct. Whitney explains that society is accustomed to the conventional norms in which a woman must bow to a man. Being a new era with women dominating the ever male-dominated industries, Bumble is here to redefine the dating rules.


When Whitney founded Bumble, she never thought that it would become a huge success story. Being a female first application for dating, it was a risky venture. The journey has however been smooth with most people signing up. From having three employees, Whitney Wolfe is now a proud employer of 35 people since 2014. It is projected that her Bumble application has been downloaded by 11 million users.

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How to Meet the Perfect Mate Online

As a confident, hard-working and intelligent man, it is very important that you get what you want out of every relationship you build with the opposite sex, whether online or off-line. This means that if you want to date, meet or marry a beautiful woman who knows how to treat a man then you should have the courage to, even if it means you have to walk to the ends of the earth find the perfect woman, or with modern technology, talk to girls on the other side of the world via online dating.

When American men meet women while dating online, they often notice that the first things American women want to know is how much money you make and what kind of car you drive. American women tend to look at men as financial marks as opposed to potential lovers as the rule, not the exception. If you make good money, sure, you will receive a lot of messages from American woman who want to hook up and have a relationship with you, yet once they have you as a lover, it is a common trend that they will put you through the ringer. A lot of men I’ve met, including myself have experienced the guilt trips that American women tend to use as a tool to get what they want. Using sex as leverage to get what they want is also a trending attitude with women in American culture. If you are like me, you probably know guys who only have sex with their wives once a year and they are not bad men, they are good men just like you and I, yet they do not get rewarded for their good-nature. In fact, a bad guy wouldn’t put up with having sex with his wife once a year and would probably step out on his wife with a mistress.

If you’re a good man and you actually want the chance to be a faithful, kind husband and father than you owe it to yourself to find a woman that best suits your criteria, regardless if you meet her online or off-line or regardless of what country she is from.

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