A Talk With Courtney Love

“Rolling Stone Magazine” has a feature article about musician Courtney Love on their website. These days, according to the article, Love is focusing on acting and trying to land more roles in movies and television.

Love complains that there aren’t many female artists being played on the radio. I think that Love shows by this comment that she’s out of touch with the times. Artists don’t need terrestrial radio these days to be successful. There are plenty of options through online streaming services to get new music heard. Love is just complaining, and she hasn’t bothered to update this particular complaint since 1995 or so.

Love also says that she’s been hanging out with Miley Cyrus lately. The two connected over Twitter and became friends. I think that it’s interesting that Cyrus would be aware of Love in the first place. Apparently Cyrus knows her rock history.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Love. On one hand, she’s made some great music. The song “Malibu” off of the “Celebrity Skin” album has long been a favorite of mine. On the other hand, Alexei Beltyukov has noticed that she seems to have an abrasive personality. I think that she’s always interested in promoting herself at the expense of the people who have helped her get where she is.