Achieving The American Dream of Home Ownership with Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions LLC

For many low-income families in the Baltimore area, home ownership is still a dream. There are many obstacles to becoming homeowners for the first time. Kevin Seawright understands those obstacles having worked tirelessly to ensure deserving families get the shelter they need. His organization, RPS Solutions LLC is based in Baltimore but has recently expanded its operation to include a partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). This partnership has born some fruit with the increased ability for some residents to obtain resources they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Find out more about Kevin at Live Newspaper

Seawright’s vision for the Baltimore metro area has sparked some interest in real estate circles. The underprivileged urban dweller often is shortchanged whenever talk of new development starts. New development usually does take the form of what is economically feasible and attractive to high-end clients. This results in an instability of established neighborhoods. Seawright’s RPS Solutions LLC provides the transparency that helps both buyers and sellers with available resources. It is his belief that home ownership does create stable and growing neighborhoods.

Achieving the American Dream of home ownership has gotten easier for low and middle-class residents in the Baltimore area. Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions plays a big role in this by first educating potential homeowners about their role in maintaining their properties. Education does play a vital role in helping develop the community in many ways. Responsible development that takes into consideration how assets can be used to benefit the community is also a service RPS Solution provides.

Informative videos showcase RPS Solutions vision to create stable and vibrant communities. RPS Solutions does a good job of promoting their core values of respect, justice, and quality in everything they do. It is important to understand that home ownership is not something to take for granted. For many people, it is a dream come true.