Meet William Saito, the successful programmer

William Saito is a prominent businessman at just ten William had already started working on computer programs. Once he joined college, he established a software firm that he later sold in 2000. William Saito has over the years worked under different capacities, he was a political and strategic advisor to the Japanese government. He is also an author and a financial expert.

Saito’s journey was not always easy, his parents are originally from Japanese, and this made it hard for Saito to improve his English skills, teachers did not understand him and thought he was a slow student. This was however not the case as Saito was excellent in mathematics and science. While still in school Saito developed an interest in computers.

Saito’s interest led him to become one of the youngest programmers, he was offered an internship in a computer programming firm, and this greatly helped improve his skills in computers and programs. His knowledge and skills in software’s have helped receive awards. In 1998 he was awarded as one of the youngest business figure of the year due to his software firm.

In his new book, Saito explains about his childhood and his growth in the business world. He explains his excitements after his parents bought his a personal computer, this was an exciting moment for Saito as he would now sharpen his IT skills in the comfort of his home. Saito confesses that during his time technology was less complicated than it is today and he discovered that he could make money out of his skills and the new advanced technologies, he has managed to establish his firm which deals with security software. Due to the advancement in technology, William Saito recognised the need to heighten security.

Dealing with leadership roles at an early age.

William Saito explains his experience being CEO at still an early age, when Saito was in college he managed to establish a software company, and this idea emerged a success, he became the head but did not share with his peers.

He was branded uncool, but this did not influence his destiny, the naming turned out to be something positives as he was single and managed to save on time as well as money. Being single also helped him dedicated more of his time on his projects.