The successful CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger who is 53 years old is the current president as well as CEO of Gulf Coast Company. He is a well-known professional who plays a critical role in the oil and gas industry as he has numerous years of experience working in various executive capacities.

His expertise ranges from the joint venture, corporate structuring to mergers and acquisitions. He also holds experience in the waste management industry and tanning industry as well. Matthew has earned his fame and recognition through effort and determination which is visible from his impressive resume in Finance, sales, and marketing. He has a fantastic foundation in the corporate world and in-depth knowledge that he is willing to share with those he works with.

Fleeger boasts of incredible contribution in the industry of waste management, gas, and oil as well as the tanning industry. It did not come as a surprise when Matthew Fleeger was transitioned into the role of CEO in the Gulf Coast Company just like his dad who was the founder of the Company. Matthew’s dad established the company in 1970 and through his persistence and hard work raised it to one of the most known oil and gas enterprises.

In 21993 Matthew founded the medical waste disposal treatment and disposal company to help deal with the waste that came from medical facilities. He worked hard and grew the company to a successful enterprise after which he negotiated its sale to a leading giant in the industry for $50 million.

After this, he went back to the gas and oil Industry where his experience and knowledge he brought into the company is highly valued. He has led the Company into partnerships, mergers and acquisition all which help to secure the companies place in the Industry.


There is no doubt that Matthew has earned every bit of success and achievement he is associated with through hard work. This has secured his name a place in the Who’s of who in the business professionals list.

Robert Ivy: Recruiting New Members for the AIA

The United States is home to thousands of professional organizations, with members coming from different professions. One of the oldest in the country is the American Institute of Architects, founded more than a hundred years ago. The organization’s current leader is Robert Ivy, who serves as the CEO and the executive vice president. Robert Ivy started to campaign aggressively for the organization where he belongs, and he has been persuading a lot of architects who are currently practicing in the United States to join the organization and reap the benefits of being involved in the activities hosted by a professional organization. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

According to Robert Ivy, what the professionals learn inside the school or the workplace is not enough to become successful in their chosen career path. They would need to work with professional organizations to train them further and to acquire additional knowledge that would be beneficial for their growth in the industry. When an architect joins the AIA, they are automatically included in a list of benefits that is exclusively given to members of the organization. Robert Ivy revealed that those who will choose to become a member of the AIA would benefit from the organization’s resources, networks, and connections in the industry. He also stated that jobs and projects could land easily if someone is a member of a professional organization.

Those who wanted to learn more about their profession would find the educational resources as a chest full of treasures that would allow them to become better professionals. These organizations will do everything to make their members smart and to start performing it correctly, the organization will be releasing a series of resources that can be seen or read by the members which would dramatically expand their knowledge about a certain subject. Members of the AIA would also find a huge network of connections once they are within the organization. Many respected architects in the industry are members of the AIA, and if an individual wanted to make a great career in the industry, they would first need to know who the profession’s most influential people are. Lastly, would be the availability of more projects and work for an individual who would want to join the AIA.

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Accomplishments of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an educated man with great success in his professional life. Brian studied at the University of Delaware, he specialized in exercise science doctrine. Brian Torchin obtained his bachelor degree of science in pre-med from the University of Delaware. After completing undergraduate studies, Brian joined the Ney York Chiropractic College from 1992 to 1995 where he graduated with the chiropractic doctorate. He focused on putting to practice what he learned in school, and this made him to launch a chiropractic clinic in a place called Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Through his great chiropractic knowledge Brain ensured that he helped in getting rid of the pain and suffering of his patients. Find out more about Brian at

The passion of he made him establish HCRC Staffing a firm that is instrumental in solving the staffing needs of different organizations. The firm serves legal firms, hospitals, and healthcare companies. HCRC Staffing shares fully with their customers through the periodic publications, and this is necessary for the firms that wish to borrow much from this staffing giant. HCRC helps in carrying the burden of the in-home staff of those medical offices it serves. Some of the burdens HCRC takes are recruiting, interviewing as well as hiring candidates. On the facebook, Brian makes use of the social media platform so that he adds leverage for the mission of his firm.

There are many links for HCRC jobs on the main page of Brian and a job hunter looking for a medical position can easily access the wall display. Despite Brian being very busy operating the company, he spends some time to write blog articles and extend the know-how base of his customers as well as those in the industry of healthcare staffing. The Twitter pages of Brian Torchin also show his commitment towards the mission of HCRC. Similar to the Facebook, it contains links that the job seekers can click on to get more information about various areas of the medical field such as physician assistant, supervisory physician and chiropractor job openings. In addition, he tweets regarding seminars and promotes frontline chiropractors, medical practitioners, and clinics that his firm works with.



The Motivations of Eric Lefkofsky

You can learn a little about Eric Lefkofsky if you read the interview conducted by the website “A Drink With”, but you will need to look deeper to get a complete profile of this Chicago based businessman. He began his career working in the area of technology and managed multiple companies simultaneously. He was an expert at converting conventional companies into e-based businesses that offered various technologies to introduce new business practices.

He stated that he thought each entrepreneur’s success was measured by the amount of money he earned and so making money became a great motivator for him. His priorities changed with the decline of web-based businesses and his realization that he was much more content running a single business and spending more time with his family. His focus became overcoming the complex problems that are the barriers to the maintenance and growth of a company.

He had another shift in focus when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. As he began to research treatments for this disease, he realized doctors could learn from past and current treatment methods and patient outcomes, but that there was no single database for this information. He consulted experts in the field and learned that personalized and precise care could only be achieved when specialists could analyze all data that exists.

To fill the void, he co-founded TEMPUS, a company that has built an operating system to warehouse and categorize the molecular and clinical data that exists. His TEMPUS team consists of scientific advisors, medical professionals, and technology entrepreneurs, all with the single focus of giving cancer patients the opportunity to benefit from the treatments and outcomes of those who went before them.

Eric Lefkofsky still works twelve-hour days but now the motivation is caring for his family and cancer patients. He is active in his community and, in 2006, he and his wife established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to improve the lives of community members. He is also a board member for a number of local businesses and teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago.

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Milan Kordestani: Making History Through the Innovative Operations of Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani is a businessman who ventured off early in life to manifest accomplishments that bestowed him with several titles to his name. As of today, he is currently a student undertaking collegiate studies in California, a writer for the Huffington Post, a mastered equestrian, and both founder and CEO of Milan Farms. As founder, Kordestani wanted to create a company that he envisioned as being the epitome of brand trust concerning consumer investment and reliance upon the provision of healthy food alternatives. Therefore, while being a mere sophomore in high school, he established Milan Farms in 2015 to fulfill the need for both the quality production and distribution of wholesome/organic eggs, poultry, saffron, and herbs. Since becoming trademarked in 2016, Kordestani has had the honor of witnessing the progression of his company via its farm expansion across the west coast and being one of the first farms to conduct research into the use of aquaponic and hydroponic systems to produce saffron. Furthermore, as Milan Farms CEO, Kordestani assures that his company will adhere to their foundational principle to be honest in their provision of natural ingredients to the consumer for trusted healthy consumption.

Yet, in addition to acquiring success as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in modern-day society, Milan Kordestani has also gained a substantial amount of recognition for winning world competitions as an accomplished equestrian. Kordestani’s love for horseback riding began around the age of 10 when he began taking lessons that confronted him with the mental and physical challenges that he demanded of himself. Nevertheless, after mastering the skill over the years, Kordestani soon came to compete in the Worlds Championship Horse Show whereby he competed on high levels while riding champion horses on several championship occasions to win 4th, 3rd, and ultimately 2nd place over the years. As of today, Milan Kordestani continues to practice his love for the sport while managing the needs of his company.

Indeed, Milan Kordestani’s life exudes inspiration to all aspiring young professionals who wish to overcome the stigma that young people do not have the authority nor mental capability to take charge of their lives and make life-changing decisions before becoming an adult. As proven by Kordestani, success can be attained by anyone at any age. One just has to simply act upon their beliefs and remain persistent with dedication and a driven mindset to manifest the said impossible.


Roseanne Bennett’s Unique Approach To Work

There are plenty of aspects of Roseanne Bennett’s approach to work that are very unique. One thing that Roseanne Bennett would say is that she is very old school when it comes to work. While a lot of people use their computers and mobile devices in order to get everything done, Roseanne sometimes writes everything down on pen and paper. This is one thing that sets Bennett apart from other workers. Another thing that sets her apart from some other workers is that she works with passion. Roseanne Bennet’s passion allows her to connect with her clients and inspire people she works with.


One of the reasons that Roseanne uses pen and paper is that she feels that she thinks at her best with pen and paper. In a way, it makes sense. There are quite a few people who are better able to think with pen and paper. One factor could be the simplicity of the pen writing on the piece of paper compared to the use of technology. For one thing, people take in information from their devices. Given that devices are used for getting tons of information at once, it could be a subconscious expectation of having to process this type of information. See This Page for additional information.


Roseanne Bennett is someone who is willing to be herself in the work environment. She does it in a way that inspires others to find who they are and live a life that is fulfilling. She gets involved in so many activities, and then at the end of the day, she has time for her family. This is one of the most admirable traits of Roseanne Bennett. When people look at all of her daily accomplishments, they may find themselves feeling inferior and intimidated. However, there are ways that people can achieve this much as well.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Former CEO Of Bradesco Bank

Lazaro Brandao has been the sitting president of the board of directors of Bradesco Bank since 1990. At the ripe age of 91, last year he decided it was time to retire. His exit meant a big change in the leadership arrangement at Bradesco.

His vacancy is being filled by the Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who according to company policy had to vacate the offices of president and CEO of the company by next year. This company policy stated that the company CEO could not be over the age of 65. Trabuco has been an especially good CEO so there was some serious consideration of lifting this regulation in his case.

But in the end, Trabuco decided it was time to leave the position. In turn, his former position is even now in the process of being filled by Octavio de Lazari Junior, formerly one of seven Bradesco Bank vice presidents and the president of Bradesco Seguros according to The process of selecting a successor for Trabuco was very intensive. Under consideration as potential candidates were the company’s seven vice presidents. The five main vice presidents under consideration were Lazari, Maurice Minas, Alexandre Gluher, Jose Pancini, and Marcelo Noronha.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Their selecting a new president from among their present vice presidents was not at all unusual for Bradesco. It has been a tradition for the company to choose CEO successors from among its current vice presidents. After much deliberation, Bradesco’s Succession and Appointment Committee selected Lazari. He is now officially assuming the position following the Ordinary General Meeting on this past March 12. Lazari will lead Bradesco Bank which currently controls around $1.3 trillion in assets and has a credit portfolio of about $493 billion and the second largest bank in Brazil.

The Bradesco Board consists of eight former executives and members of the Aguiar family. The future goal of the board is to fully cooperate with the new CEO in his plan to grow the company even more than its already enormous size. The new CEO Lazari hopes that he can live up to the standard set by Trabuco whose increased the size of the bank substantially by leading it to acquire and absorb HSBC.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Startup Gains Further Round of Funding

Chicago-based startup Tempus made it known it has received $80 million in a new round of funding just six months after securing a $70 million funding boost.

Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner, Brad Keywell co-founded Tempus in 2015 with the intention of making it possible for physicians to deliver customized cancer care to patients.

The technology company, which has built an operating system to battle cancer, said both existing and new investors participated in the funding.

Kinship Trust Company and T. Rowe Price were among the new investors while existing investors included New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth.

The funds will be utilized to develop and expand the company’s clinical and molecular data collection and also to build up its clinical libraries. Tempus also provides cancer patients with genomic sequencing services.

Tempus has approximately 400 employees at the current time and is hiring about 30 employees per month, according to a Chicago Tribune story.

Lefkofsky commented in a statement that the company is in a rare position to guide in a time of precision medicine to encourage patients who struggle with diseases.

Some of Tempus’ group efforts include doctors and drug companies along with the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, the University of Chicago Medicine as well as community hospitals nationwide. Tempus recently revealed it will be partnering with CancerLinQ as well.

In addition to Tempus, Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial pursuits take in technology companies, LightBank, Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings, among others.

As part of his philanthropic efforts he and his wife, Liz, set up a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which calls attention to advancing worldwide scientific and educational groups and foundations and expanding cultural enterprises.

Lefkofsky functions on the Board of Trustees of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and more.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky received his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. He and his wife have three children.