Malcolm CasSelle: New Developments In Virtual Asset Trading

In order to become a successful individual in any industry, you need to devote yourself to learning both the inside and outside aspects of the industry. The digital technology industry is no different. Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has realized the truth to this maxim and has devoted himself to the understanding and implementation of new technologies in the digital industry.

Malcolm Casselle

If you look at the history of Malcolm CasSelle’s career, you’ll quickly realize that he is a man who has been able to capitalize on the resources that he has been presented. He originally went to school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he completed the requirements for his Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He continued to pursue higher education and was admitted to Stanford University where he was able to obtain his Master’s degree in computer science as well.

After completing his formal education, Malcolm CasSelle had already considerable experience in the digital technology industries. He was a successful venture capitalist was able to capitalize on the early growth stages of such companies as Facebook and Zynga. Even at the earliest stages of his career, it was easy to see that he would be an incredibly successful individual.

Malcolm CasSelle later went on to work in the digital technology industry and has held several key leadership positions for digital technology companies. He was able to become the senior vice president of Seachange International after the Corporation acquired Timeline Labs where he was serving as the corporations Chief Executive Officer at the time of acquisition.

In addition to his role as a key leader in several digital technology companies, he has also been a key aspect of several startup companies in the digital industry including MediaPass, Xfire, and Tencent.

Now he hopes to help revolutionize the community surrounding virtual asset trading. He plans to do so by implementing the concepts behind blockchain technology which allow the decentralization of technology in the digital world. He has launched a new company which he has named Worldwide Asset Exchange it has also created a new cryptocurrency which is based upon the same name.


Don Ressler: Passion and Creativity to Succeed

Don Ressler is the co-founder of TechStyle. He is the pioneer of online space and has created many successful business enterprises. Some of his businesses are; Fitness which was sold in 1997 to Intermix Media. He was the chief executive officer and the president of the firm before he joined Intermix. Don Ressler made a significant contribution at Intermix where he helped to grow the shareholder value of the company and closed the deal of selling the firm to News Corp for a price of more than $670 million.


Don Ressler also co-founded Hydroderm and Alena Media that generated revenue of more than $1 billion. He then founded Intelligent Beauty alongside Adam Goldenberg that inspired them to establish the TechStyle Fashion Group. The main responsibility of Don Ressler at TechStyle is presiding over the customer service and the vision and talent of the company.


Mr. Ressler is popular for founding JustFab and for working with Adam Goldenberg to establish Fabletics. He is the co-chief executive officer of JustFab, alongside Adam Goldenberg. JustFab was launched in March 2010 as a subscription service. Female subscribers paid $39.95 per month for a boutique that is selected by their personal stylist. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg financed the firm using the $33 million and additional $76 million received from Matrix Partners along with Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures. On the other hand, Fabletics is an online retail provider that is not subscription based.


JustFab rebranded itself to TechStyle in 2016, and the two co-founders explained that the change was as a result of the company’s transformation into brand building platform that is driven by personalization and data. Over time, the company became a fusion of fashion and technology, and for this reason, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg felt the need to reflect their attitude in the company’s name by using a tech word. The change of the name was also necessary because they had an umbrella of brands under JustFab.


Don Ressler confirms that they are very comfortable with the current location of TechStyle at El Segundo because they would like the company to be based in a city that is as fun as the styles that they strut. The surrounding environment of El Segundo also offers an opportunity to stay on top of fashion and the latest trends. Don Ressler’s resume constitutes of top-level business accomplishments, and his new venture is one to watch for.

A Leaf worth Taking from Marc Sparks Successful Entrepreneurial Career

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The Dallas-based business mogul has multiple portfolio companies. He is the founder and president of Timber Creek capital. He is also involved in the telecommunication sector. Sparks has been involved with Blue jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and Splash Media. He also has interests in venture investment, providing business solutions and real estate.


Marc began his career in 1975 after graduating from high school in Austin. Since then Sparks has pioneered many startups with most of them being successful. According to Marc, God gives a man enough challenges for him to appreciate the responsibilities that accompany success and keep him humble. Marc believes that his success has been as a result of God’s grace. This is because he graduated with a C+ in high school and he has no specialized training, yet he has built multi-million corporations. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is known for building enterprises based on ideas that are impossible to many people. With over 30 years of entrepreneurialism, Marc has unmatched experience in building company culture, developing short and long term goals and setting patterns that can be followed by his team. Marc believes that his success has come as a result of lack of fear of losing. He likes winning, but he knows he cannot win all the challenges. The sense of urgency, passion, faith, tenacity, and savvy of monetization are the fundamental pillars of Marc Sparks’ success.


Marc Sparks’ Success Story


As a venture capitalist, Marc gives start-up money to enterprises that seem to be headed for success. He is highly speculative, and he has always got it right. Marc outlined his success story in a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You.” The book is one of the most selling, and it gives motivation to individuals who aspire to join the business world. The thought that everybody has a potential to succeed in business pushed Mr. Sparks to write the book. From reading the book, you can get tips on how to succeed in business.




Marc is generous and detests the idea of keeping his wealth to himself. The God fearing serial entrepreneur is a big philanthropist in Dallas, Texas. His charitable activities focuses on helping young people attain a college diploma. A part from just donating, Sparks is actively involved in several community activities. He volunteered to work with Habitat for Humanity in building houses for the disadvantaged. He also volunteers at Samaritan Inn, a Dallas homeless shelter.




While outside his office, Marc enjoys activities such as hunting, biking, fishing, golf, and adventurous travel. Mr. Sparks is also a health enthusiast and spends some of his free time doing workouts. From his traveling, Sparks gets inspirational ideas that help him boost his entrepreneurial skills. Learn more:

Raj Fernando : The brain Behind Chopper Trading

Raj Fernando is an expert in technology innovation and international financial markets. He is the founder and the CEO of Scoutahead. Before forming, he founded Chopper Trading a Chicago-based proprietary firm where he served as the President and the Chief Executive Officer. Raj is also actively involved and takes part in foreign policy organizations.

Before selling Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group, he served as the chief executive officer, and he also designed and implemented some of the most sophisticated risk management including trading, communication, and monitoring source code security system in the firm.

Within a period of a decade, Raj raised Chopper Trading to one of the largest market participants trading in the global exchange. In 2015 Raj sold Chopper Trading to DRW Trading group another Chicago-based leading financial firm.

In 2016 Raj launched ; An internet start-up company. The company is designed to deliver trusted and confidential feedback and responses to organizations and individuals and as a result to increase professional and corporate growth and productivity. Raj is the chief executive officer and the chairperson of Scoutahead.

Currently, Raj Fernando serves on the foreign policy leadership committee at Booking Institute and is also a member of the Board of Directors for the American Security Project. He also participates in Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj supports various philanthropic activities in the United States and Chicago. Raj is a member of trustees in Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Other charitable projects include PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter. He actively supported wounded warriors, Clinton Foundation and big brother big sister of Metropolitan Chicago.

Raj is also politically active and has supported various presidential candidates. In 2003 he made a political contribution to Democratic Party. In 2008 he fundraised for Obama presidential campaign. And currently, he has supported and fundraised for Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Raj studied at Beloit College where he earned Bachelor’s degree in Economic. He further studied at University College London. He started working at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer where he served in various positions and also was in Chicago Board of Trade.

Big Boss Bruce Levenson

In April of 2015, Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks because they were off by 27% for the price they can get. Back in October 2014, Mr. Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports and operating rights to Philips Arena. He was convinced by one of his employees that it could get at the very least $1 billion for the team and the arena’s operating rights. Bloomberg is responsible for telling the story that an entourage led by Ares Management co-founder Tony Ressler won the auction set with a bid of $730 million dollars. Many people did not believe $1 billion was sensible. In January, three experts told CNBC that the Hawks would be sold for anywhere between $900 million and $1 billion and Mr. Bruce Levenson valued the team at $825 million. Andrew Zimbalist from Smith College, predicted a price range from $700 million to $750 million. The chances of Mr. Bruce Levenson on time getting a big profit is very high but due to overselling the bankers dissuaded other bidders and led to having some money left over.

The team’s CEO Steve Koonin and coach Mike Budenholzer will take part in the long terms plans of the new ownership on Just before the Hawk’s game 2 of the first round, Mr. Budenholzer admitted that he was aware of the sales reports but was too focused on basketball. The purchasing group is not only led by Tony Ressler but it also includes Grant Hill, Clayton Dubilier, Rick Schnall, Sara Blakely, and Jesse Itzler. The sales process began in September and may continue until June. The Hawks is considered one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference and they could have a longer playoff than expected. If the team wins the NBA Championship, then Larry O’Brien will receive the trophy and be the new owner of the Hawks.

What Does Solo Capital Do?

Sanjay Shah, the founder of Solo Capital, has worked to build an empire out of the small dreams that he once had for his company. He has worked to make it successful and has quickly become one of the most popular private capital firms in London. He has been able to do so through the work that he accomplishes and the way that he is able to train his employees to do the same.

Consultation is done for businesses and individuals who do not know how to properly run their business or manage their capital. Solo Capital consultation services are provided for all people who need help with money. Since they are a consulting agency, they are able to provide advice on which investments will be the best. . . and which could be a flop. There are many facets to consulting for business and Sanjay Shah has made sure that his business partners know how to handle all of them.

When it comes to proprietary trading, Solo Capital knows what they are doing. They are able to accurately predict market trends and set up plans for people who need to make more money from the portions that they are investing. With this style, they are able to help all of their clients who wish to break into the world of trading or who want to make more money on the trade market. This has enabled the company to gain more clients and has allowed the clients to make more money from the trades that they have done.

While there are many investment opportunities, the professional sports investments are one that Solo Capital focuses heavily on. They are experts at professional sports investments and provide the information that is required for clients to get the most out of their sports investments. They have set up different avenues for clients to achieve different goals with the sports investing that they do. Because of this, they have been able to become one of the forerunners in the race for who is the best at sports investing. Their clients are happy with this.

As the founder of the company, Sanjay Shah has been subject to a great deal of information about the company. He has worked to make this information available and will openly speak about the past that he has had. Starting out as a student in medical school, Shah was not always planning to be in the financial world. He quickly learned that he loved finances and it was something he was good at. He took a hard turn in his potential career and began pursuing a degree in accounting. This has allowed him to skyrocket into a successful private equity business owner.

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George Soros Uses His Wealth to Fight Injustice

George Soros on blogs.wsj is one of the most successful investors and fund managers in history which has made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Born in Hungary in 1930, George survived the Nazi occupation of his country during WWII and then fled to England in 1947 when the communist came to power. In 1952, he graduated from the London School of Economics and began his career as an investment banker on Then in 1956, he immigrated to the US and continued working as an investment banker for several firms in New York.

In 1973, George Soros founded and managed a hedge fund company that eventually became known as Quantum Fund where the return on investments was over 30% per year for several years. He gave up actively managing Quantum Fund in the late 1980s but that did not stop him from speculating on investments. In 1992, he shorted the British pound in a currency speculation and made a profit of almost $2 billion which earned him the phrase “the man who broke the Bank of England.” All great investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Carl Icahn have an investing style, and George is no different. George Soros’ style is described as being a short-term speculator who looks at economic trends and the behaviors of other investors in order to capitalize on buying and selling opportunities.

George Soros has gained as much notoriety as a philanthropist and political activist as he has as an investor. Since 1979, he has made donations to many socio-political causes around the world through his Open Society Foundation. Through this foundation, George has fought against apartheid in South Africa and communism in Eastern Europe, provided legal help to people who have been falsely accused of crimes by totalitarian governments, and many other activities. He is passionate about fighting against injustice because he was a victim of many injustices having lived through Nazi rule and fleeing Hungary from communism. George has the resources to help people in need and he has put his resources to good use.