Eric Lefkofsky’s Startup Gains Further Round of Funding

Chicago-based startup Tempus made it known it has received $80 million in a new round of funding just six months after securing a $70 million funding boost.

Eric Lefkofsky and his business partner, Brad Keywell co-founded Tempus in 2015 with the intention of making it possible for physicians to deliver customized cancer care to patients.

The technology company, which has built an operating system to battle cancer, said both existing and new investors participated in the funding.

Kinship Trust Company and T. Rowe Price were among the new investors while existing investors included New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth.

The funds will be utilized to develop and expand the company’s clinical and molecular data collection and also to build up its clinical libraries. Tempus also provides cancer patients with genomic sequencing services.

Tempus has approximately 400 employees at the current time and is hiring about 30 employees per month, according to a Chicago Tribune story.

Lefkofsky commented in a statement that the company is in a rare position to guide in a time of precision medicine to encourage patients who struggle with diseases.

Some of Tempus’ group efforts include doctors and drug companies along with the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, the Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, the University of Chicago Medicine as well as community hospitals nationwide. Tempus recently revealed it will be partnering with CancerLinQ as well.

In addition to Tempus, Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurial pursuits take in technology companies, LightBank, Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings, among others.

As part of his philanthropic efforts he and his wife, Liz, set up a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which calls attention to advancing worldwide scientific and educational groups and foundations and expanding cultural enterprises.

Lefkofsky functions on the Board of Trustees of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and more.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky received his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. He and his wife have three children.

The prolific and Outstanding Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is well known for his various attributes and contributions I the world of piloting, lawmaking matters as well as the chief executive officer of Steamworks Brewery. He hails from Canada and has been in the years involved in the different business activities. He was born in the year 1975 in July. His passion for achieving objectives and goals has continuously made him successive as well as increasing his net worth. Eli Gershkovitch saw that in the past, the economy was yearning for better beer options as this habit was common with many adults. With this in mind, various beer companies were marketing themselves to achieve more attractiveness towards their consumers. This guy came up with a craft beer one that would competitively conquer the competitors in the economy. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Achievements in Life

Being an industry expert, he quite understood the market forces of demand and supply for his craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch made the world appreciate and understand Cosmo political culture as well as appreciating the different beer flavors. He saw the future in lenses that no one would and took the risk of investing in craft beer increasing his sales to over 20 % which is quite impressive when it comes to making his profits globally. He attends the Vancouver’s Shores festival to increase the publicity of his company and notify his clients on the new arrivals as well as encourage many to trust his commodity. Read this article at

The Success

It is a known fact that anyone enjoying beverages with alcoholic content let’s say in a football game with friends and relatives in the United States is always looking forward to attending the U.S.A Open Beer competitions. Eli Gershkovitch indeed markets his company to ensure much fans attend to get achieve the goals of Steamworks brewing company. He has increased his level of production efficiently to hectoliters, and by the year 2013, he saw the production rise to over 40,000 hectoliters. Eli Gershkovitch is well versed with management styles that ensure the employee welfare program is useful as well as ensuring the consumer satisfaction. He is a certified pilot having have got his license in 1993.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Using Technology and Fashion to Influence Lives

Knowledge and awareness of consumer preferences as well as the desire to succeed led Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to form the Techstyle Fashion Group The company’s mission is to make activewear that is affordable looks good and makes the client feel good. Techstyle group primary business units include an e-commerce platform, Fabletics and trendy personalized clothes and shoes.


Initially, Don and Adam no experience in the fashion world and leveraged on their past success running businesses. At age 15, Adam Goldenberg has already started running his businesses. Gamers Alliance, Adam’s inaugural enterprise, offered gaming websites advertising services. In 1999, Intermix Media acquired the company and Goldenberg appointed Vice President, Strategic Planning. By age 20, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm. In 2000,, Don Ressler’s website was bought by Intermix. Before, Don had helped several online companies raise capital. Don and Adam developed a great work relationship at Intermix that resulted in a lifetime friendship.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler introduced Intelligent Beauty, in 2006. The company offered e-commerce services. In the process of building successful brands, the two friends realized the need for an alternative means of online shopping. They identified demand for comfortable, trendy, quality and personalized clothing.


In effect, they created Justfab, a clothing company that enables members to access personalized athletic accessories and apparel on a monthly basis. Clients got information on how to match and mix the different pieces to enhance their styles and build confidence. Matrix Partners structured funding for the venture.


In 2016, following a rebranding process, the company was renamed Techstyle. The name incorporated technology and fashion into one and the founders’ past in the tech industry. Today, many refer to TechStyle as the place where fashion links with Silicon Valley. The company’s offices mimic the settings of start-ups in the Silicon Valley and add a dash of style.


Goldenberg and Ressler endeavor to improve the lives of the people around them. As such they not only focus on generating values but making others feel confident and comfortable in what they wear all day. Techstyle supports community-based initiatives such as the Cinderella Project, that provides low-income students with gowns and accessories for prom.


Adam and Goldenberg continue to innovate and diversify the fashion industry. They partnered with business woman and actor, Kate Hudson to launch the Fabletics brand. Through the brand, they offer personalized athleisure wear for women of all sizes.

Cassio Audi the Brazilian Drummer

Cassio Audi is a 46-year-old Brazilian financier, with a vast professional curriculum of over 20 years in startups, private and public companies, and private equity funds. Cassio is an overachiever with an MBA and BA, from Sao Paulo University and Pontifical Catholic University respectively. Since his teenage years, Cassio Audi who is highly talented and passionate assumed leadership responsibilities and provided his skills to the growth of any organization he engaged in.

1n 1985, the Viper Band was formed, by a team of young teenage friends (Felipe, Cassio, and Andre), whose music was influenced by the heavy metals and more so the emerging iron Maiden. As part of the team, Cassio was highly involved in the production of one of their first album hits,’ The Soldiers of the Rising Sun’ that had the popular track called the ‘ Signs of the Night and Nightmares’. This created a name for Cassio in the heavy metal music in Brazil and the entire world, which made him gain more fans being an outstanding drummer. From its humble beginnings, the bands become a global success and this has continued over the years for decades. His Facebook Profile.

By applying his leadership skills, Cassio played a vital role in the band, as he helped in uniting, and coordinating its activities that were important in the development of the band. In addition, the band grew due to the influence of the rising British tune that in a way, related to the heavy metal that Cassio played. It’s at this time when Cassio appeared in one of the Band’s crucial recordings in 1985, that is ‘The Killera Sword’that featured popular songs like the ‘Nightmare and Princess from Hell’.

Cassio is known to apply his skills of creativity and critical thinking, to attract customers into his business ventures,which is a sign of how aggressive he is in fulfilling his substantial goals.

A Leaf worth Taking from Marc Sparks Successful Entrepreneurial Career

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The Dallas-based business mogul has multiple portfolio companies. He is the founder and president of Timber Creek capital. He is also involved in the telecommunication sector. Sparks has been involved with Blue jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and Splash Media. He also has interests in venture investment, providing business solutions and real estate.


Marc began his career in 1975 after graduating from high school in Austin. Since then Sparks has pioneered many startups with most of them being successful. According to Marc, God gives a man enough challenges for him to appreciate the responsibilities that accompany success and keep him humble. Marc believes that his success has been as a result of God’s grace. This is because he graduated with a C+ in high school and he has no specialized training, yet he has built multi-million corporations. Learn more:


Marc Sparks is known for building enterprises based on ideas that are impossible to many people. With over 30 years of entrepreneurialism, Marc has unmatched experience in building company culture, developing short and long term goals and setting patterns that can be followed by his team. Marc believes that his success has come as a result of lack of fear of losing. He likes winning, but he knows he cannot win all the challenges. The sense of urgency, passion, faith, tenacity, and savvy of monetization are the fundamental pillars of Marc Sparks’ success.


Marc Sparks’ Success Story


As a venture capitalist, Marc gives start-up money to enterprises that seem to be headed for success. He is highly speculative, and he has always got it right. Marc outlined his success story in a book titled, “They Can’t Eat You.” The book is one of the most selling, and it gives motivation to individuals who aspire to join the business world. The thought that everybody has a potential to succeed in business pushed Mr. Sparks to write the book. From reading the book, you can get tips on how to succeed in business.




Marc is generous and detests the idea of keeping his wealth to himself. The God fearing serial entrepreneur is a big philanthropist in Dallas, Texas. His charitable activities focuses on helping young people attain a college diploma. A part from just donating, Sparks is actively involved in several community activities. He volunteered to work with Habitat for Humanity in building houses for the disadvantaged. He also volunteers at Samaritan Inn, a Dallas homeless shelter.




While outside his office, Marc enjoys activities such as hunting, biking, fishing, golf, and adventurous travel. Mr. Sparks is also a health enthusiast and spends some of his free time doing workouts. From his traveling, Sparks gets inspirational ideas that help him boost his entrepreneurial skills. Learn more:

Adam Goldenberg Is Turning JustFab Into A Big Data Techstyle Company

One man who’s been a part of the evolution of fashion branding is Adam Goldenberg, the cofounder and co-CEO of JustFab. Goldenberg and his friend Don Ressler are in the middle of large changes to this company which including increasing data analytics to customize shopping for customers, and turning it into an all-inclusive women’s size brand. Goldenberg and Ressler feel that merging high tech operations with fashion shopping is critical to staying on top in both the ecommerce and brick and mortar fashion stratosphere, and their billion-dollar company has now been renamed to Techstyle Fashion Group.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler started Techstyle in 2010, but prior to that Goldenberg was a young marketer and entrepreneur in the MySpace company management. It was Intermix Media, MySpace’s owning company that found Goldenberg while he was running a small advertising business for gaming website known as Gamer’s Alliance while still only in high school. They caught onto his ingenuity and hired him to the team at age 20. His skills in branding caught on so quick that he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media while still only 20, the youngest such executive in a publicly-traded company at that time.


Goldenberg became interested in marketing various consumer goods while at Intermix Media, and he met Don Ressler who he became great friends with while starting his branding career. Goldenberg and Ressler decided to experiment with many brands under a subsidiary company name of Alena Media, and this company was actually Intermix Media’s only source of profits. Alena Media and one of Goldenberg’s products known as Hydroderm sold quite well. Unfortunately for Goldenberg and Ressler, Intermix Media’s ownership shares were bought out by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp company, and upon this ownership change Alena Media was passed by. So Goldenberg decided it was time to take his business elsewhere.


For a few years Goldenberg and Ressler began taking their products and ecommerce stores to a new company, Intelligent Beauty. Then they decided they would try going into fashion sales, and their disruptive startup JustFab hit the market a few years after Intelligent Beauty was founded. This company took off rapidly because several venture capital investors quickly bought into it, and celebrities like Kate Hudson and now Demi Lovato also became a part of it. Goldenberg and Ressler’s flagship companies include the highly acclaimed Fabletics, Fabshoes (formerly ShoeDazzle), FabKids and FL2.

The CEO of the RBS Group, Eduardo Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is prominent for being among the Brazil’s most prosperous Brazilian entrepreneurs. He presently serves as the President as well as the Chairman at the RBS Group. The start of his professional career in the company started off at the beginning of 2016. Nelson Sirtosky worked in the company as the Chairperson to the Directors’ Panel before he came in.

Remarkably, Duda Melzer’s granddad is the person that facilitated the setting up of the firm. Worth noting is also that he is a participant of the third generation in the line. The outstanding personal commitment of Nelson Sirotsky towards service provision as the chairperson is the backbone of the entire success.

In consideration of educational qualifications, he is attained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He pursued this at the Harvard University. In the course of his time at Harvard, he undertook extra leadership courses. They consist of the establishment and management of customer-centered organizations, and the suitable strategies for the Media Associations. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also earned his Master of Business Administration from the same University.

He is also the Chairman and Founder of e.Bricks Digital. This refers to an RBS firm that ventures in the development of business alongside the digital sector and facilitates its operations both in Brazil as well as the United States. He also serves as the company Director at the Mercosul Biennial which is a universal digital show of art whose venue is Porto Alegre. Check out Pauliceiadojazz for the details.

He is not only a public speaker but also indulges in national and global conferences often under the support of the media firms of Brazil and beyond. Having emerged from a family setting that is traditionally entrepreneurial; he has turned out to be a very significant figure in the globe of business. The experience and his earlier works at several companies have enhanced his skills and competence. Visit

See more:

The Success Story of Erick Pulier

Based in Los Angeles, California, Erick Pulier is an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist from America. Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, he started programming computers while at the Fourth Grade. While in high school, Erick also established a database computer company. In 1984, Erick Pulier went to further his studies at the Havard University where he majored in American literature and English. While at the university, he became an editor and also wrote a column at the Havard Crimson. He also went to study at MIT, a neighboring school. In 1991, Erick moved to Los Angeles where he started a company known as PDT (People Doing Things. The company addressed education, healthcare and also other issues with the help of technology.

In 1994, Erick Pulier became the founder of Digital Evolution, an interactive agency. In 1998, Digital Evolution merged with the US Interactive LLC. Erick was involved in building Starbright World which is a private social network for children who are chronically ill where they are able to blog, chat, post content and also meet with other children who have their similar conditions. Erick Pulier was selected to create and also execute the Bridge to the 21st Century, a Presidential Technology Exhibition, by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in 1997. He also took part in the Vice president Al Gore’s health care and technology forum where he offered his advice on technology and health care initiatives.

Erick Pulier is a participant and also a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative. He has founded many other ventures such as Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and many others. Erick is the co-author of a noted book about service-oriented architecture titled as Understanding Enterprise SOA. An active philanthropist, Erick Pulier has been involved in many charitable organizations. He serves on the innovation board at the X-Prize Foundation, a competition that seeks to solve the greatest challenges of humanity. He is also involved with The Painted Turtle which is a camp for children suffering from chronic illness. Erick Pulier has acquired a reputation as a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about giving back to the community. From modest beginnings, he was able to work his way up and become one of the most successful people in America and also across the world.