Alex Hern and Virtual Reality Adeptness

Alex Hern has been a major figure in the VR or “Virtual Reality” sector for a while now. Alexander F. Hern is a tireless entrepreneur who operates out of San Diego in Southern California. He’s been a big part of the establishment of seemingly endless companies throughout the years. Many people these days connect him to a company that’s referred to as “Tsunami VR, Inc.” Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin. He’s responsible for many big things for Tsunami VR. Hern is its Co-Chairman. He’s its Co-Chief Executive Officer as well. That isn’t even where things stop. He’s also a businessman who created the company. Despite the fact that Hern has a lot on his plate with Tsunami VR, it’s not the sole highlight of his life. He was also a major element in various other companies that were in operation before. People who have heard of Milcom or “Military Commercial Technologies” may be well-versed in Alex Hern and all that he does. He was Milcom’s painstaking Chairman and Chief Executive Officer between the years of 1996 and 1998. Board of Directors membership is also something that drives Hern each day. He likes being on Silicon Valley Internet Capital’s board. Visit to know more.This professional comprehends all matters that relate to incubation extremely well. He grasps all matters that relate to fresh new technological entities as well. He’s done a lot to contribute to groups like Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty Inc., Radialpoint Inc. ArcSight Inc., AMF Group Inc. and even AppDirect Canada Inc. Intense work is a concept that comes 100 percent naturally to this person. Tsunami VR is an eminent business that responds to clients who are in all sections of the vast planet. It’s a business that makes bettering communications practices a bright and straightforward reality for so many kinds of businesses that are functioning now.


Randal Nardone: A Name on Forbes

If one sees their name on Forbes, it’s bound to be a reason for satisfaction. Even more so, if your name is Randal Nardone, and you’re on the Forbes Billionaire List. As number 557 on the list, he isn’t the world’s richest man, but he certainly is a recognizable one.Nowadays, Randal Nardone can be seen at Fortress Investment Group. As the company’s leader, he positively affects both clients and employees, by being a thoughtful and innovative individual. As a lawyer, he does more than just lead his company, he is also involved in other companies and initiatives.

From the abovementioned company to NCS LLC and Springleaf Financial Holdings, this investor stays busy and his hard work definitely pays off.He graduated from Boston University School of Law and also achieved a Bachelors in Arts in English and Biology at the University of Connecticut. As a highly educated and hardworking individual with an eye for investment, he truly has the background needed for his company to succeed.Taking care of more than 1700 organizations around the world (as in, their assets), Fortress Investment Group is one of the top leading companies in it’s sector. They are well-known for being great at risk management, which is undoubtedly one of the top reasons how they have reached global success thus far.

With a leader like Randal Nardone, it is no surprise that many of the financial/investment professionals in Fortress are making it the large, dependable organization that it is today. Fortress Investment Group has recently proven their global expertise by taking on SoftBank Management, which has helped them get their foot in the door of the Asian financial sector. It is the company’s unique ability for global expansion that has helped to make it, not only a recognized name in U.S., but in the world. It has also likely helped to get Randal Nardone on Forbes Billionaire list. With headquarters in New York, it’s strategically placed to be a success both nationally and internationally.

Roseanne Bennett’s Unique Approach To Work

There are plenty of aspects of Roseanne Bennett’s approach to work that are very unique. One thing that Roseanne Bennett would say is that she is very old school when it comes to work. While a lot of people use their computers and mobile devices in order to get everything done, Roseanne sometimes writes everything down on pen and paper. This is one thing that sets Bennett apart from other workers. Another thing that sets her apart from some other workers is that she works with passion. Roseanne Bennet’s passion allows her to connect with her clients and inspire people she works with.


One of the reasons that Roseanne uses pen and paper is that she feels that she thinks at her best with pen and paper. In a way, it makes sense. There are quite a few people who are better able to think with pen and paper. One factor could be the simplicity of the pen writing on the piece of paper compared to the use of technology. For one thing, people take in information from their devices. Given that devices are used for getting tons of information at once, it could be a subconscious expectation of having to process this type of information. See This Page for additional information.


Roseanne Bennett is someone who is willing to be herself in the work environment. She does it in a way that inspires others to find who they are and live a life that is fulfilling. She gets involved in so many activities, and then at the end of the day, she has time for her family. This is one of the most admirable traits of Roseanne Bennett. When people look at all of her daily accomplishments, they may find themselves feeling inferior and intimidated. However, there are ways that people can achieve this much as well.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy.


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Environmental and Humanitarian contributions of Waiakea Water

A visit to the drinking water section in any store will undoubtedly show that bottled water companies are numerous. The ever-growing industry is currently at over $100 billion in its overall worth, and the number keeps on growing each day. Final consumers are however the primary beneficiaries of the increasing competition. Individual companies brainstorm to find unique vitamins that are advantageous to the health of the consumers, and this is usually a practical branding plan that enhances marketing. Waiakea water company uniquely approaches competition from a different angle since it produces volcanic water that acquires the term from the exceptional filtration process.

As such, Waiakea water company can proudly claim to be producing Hawaii volcanic water. To quench your thirst, you do not have to consume plain water. Health is paramount that you strive to supply your body with some nutrients and minerals every chance you get. Accordingly, volcanic water benefits are astonishing. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is highly rich in certain minerals including calcium, silica, magnesium, and potassium. Moreover, the unique filtration process also gives Waiakea water pH levels of about 7 – 8 that are highly recommended.

Another outstanding characteristic of Waiakea water is its aim for preserving the environment. The company packages its water in fresh bottles that are among the first of their kind in the world for being certified as Carbon Neutral. The packaging is simply made with the most exceptional 100 percent reprocessed polyethylene terephthalate. It is unique in that it uses about 85 percent less amount of energy to produce, something not experienced in other regular or virgin bottles made of plastic.

Although Waiakea is a profit-making company, it does not disregard the need for taking care of the less disadvantaged people across the world. The company lets in its business model a social element. In an exclusive partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea water company donates clean drinking water in Africa. This helps the less fortunate live better lives by accessing clean and safe water and also enhances the sanitation levels. To date, the number of people who have directly reaped the benefits is about 1.35 million, and it keeps on growing on a daily basis.

Felipe Montoro Jens — Infrastructure 2018

Government projects are slated to be passed in 2018 under the guidance of Felipe Montero Jens. The private sector will greatly benefit from these new measures being passed. The auction schedule has been announced by the federal government and will be implemented in the second half of 2018. In total, Felipe Montoro Jens has scheduled 57 projects and invested $44 billion to the Program of Partnerships and Investments. The majority of measures being passed are set to benefit the infrastructure industry by creating projects for specialists to construct new buildings in Brazil.

A great example of the wonderful projects to come is the Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo. One of the majority stakeholders in the airports of Brasilia has sold their shares to benefit the country. The infrastructure project specialist is highly appreciative of the improvement plans for the miles wide stretch of land between Anapolis and Alianca. The federal government will implement item number BR-153 to improve the conditions on this land. The highways will receive extra attention. Under a private initiative, companies will auction for the project and improve the roads by the end of 2018.

In a massive overhaul, the government will sell companies like Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg, and Docks. The privatization of the corporations will benefit the public sector by improving the prospects for infrastructure repair. The land will be made new again. For instance, Mint – passport production company – will now have the freedom to operate without government interference. The advance of technology has created a great opportunity to improve the style of life in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens, with the Investment Partnership Program, plans to expand interest in the improvement of infrastructure. They will increase the flow of money into the private sector with high quality tariffs and auctions. With these advances, Brazil will see a new day of stability and security.

Boraie Development Now Putting Housing On Atlantic City’s Beachfront

If you’re a young student, entrepreneur or newcomer to Atlantic City, NJ, you might love staying at one of their new housing projects that Boraie Development is overseeing. This is a 250-apartment complex that’s currently being constructed around the oceanfront area and is known as the “Beach at South Inlet.” Boraie Development Vice President Wasseem Boraie says the housing demand of millennial consumers in the Atlantic City and Newark areas is one that much of New Jersey’s housing stock hasn’t been prepared to meet. He believes this new development which will have luxurious amenities including on-site gyms, pools and well-designed apartment interiors will be a step towards addressing this demand.

What Boraie Development is doing right now in Atlantic City is just one of the steps it has in its mission to transform New Jersey’s urban scene. It was Wasseem’s father Sam Boraie who began this company dream back when he came to the US from Egypt over 40 years ago. Going from a career in chemistry to a career in real estate happened when Omar Boraie saw the city of New Brunswick in desperate need of new life and a new direction. Although it was his plan to start reconstructing and bringing tenants back to the city’s abandoned buildings, he did so he says because Dick Sellars, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson decided to keep his company in New Brunswick. And so it was that Omar Boraie started buying up these lots on Albany Street, not too far from where Johnson & Johnson was located. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, his first completed construction project was Albany Street tower one where Boraie Development currently has their corporate headquarters. 15 years later, Albany Street tower two came up and thanks to the Boraies ignoring previous criticisms from many other urban planners, New Brunswick started seeing a renaissance in its commercial real estate. The Boraie’s first big housing complex that went up was a high-rise modeled after the New York City styles across the Hudson River, and once again many locals thought trying to attract people to that big of an apartment complex would be too big of a task. But when the Spring Street Condominium went up, it became completely leased out in just 2 months. Boraie Development has undertaken so much to build New Brunswick and its neighboring cities and other buildings in its portfolio include The Aspire, and satellite housing for Rutgers University.