Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries goes high tech

Like just about every other modern industry, the oil drilling sector has seen profound changes since the introduction of cheap computer technology. Since the 1980s, the oil industry has been scrambling to implement automated and computer-aided solutions to the difficult problems that the industry faces, particularly around the areas of hard oil extraction. Tough oil plays, such as those found in top shale rock, buried deep below the ground or in offshore, deepwater sites, have proven to be difficult to extract by conventional means. The wide-scale deployment of highly sophisticated software has aided tremendously in the extraction of these tough to reach oil resources.

No one has done more in the oil extraction industry to promote and develop the use of highly sophisticated software systems than Nabors Industries. Under the leadership of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has been continuously developing some of the most technologically advanced solutions in the oil industry over the last three decades. One of these developments is its ROCKIT performance drilling software, a system that is capable of nearly completely autonomous drilling operations in tough shale and other hydraulic fracturing sites. The software has proven to be so successful that Nabors Industries has actually been able to license it out to other oil drilling companies. Currently, licensing and intellectual property make up a significant portion of Nabors Industries’ total revenues each year.

Petrello also led the company on to become one of the leading producers of directional drilling equipment. The company’s Canrig AC top drives are capable of successfully extracting some of the most difficult-to-reach oil, anywhere in the world. These systems have been widely deployed throughout North Dakota’s Bakken Shale formation. It has been a crucial tool for drillers of shale oil plays, making the extraction of oil resources that were once considered impossible to be a matter of routine.

 Eric Pulier’s Success is Given Back Through Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who lives in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier has helped found over 15 businesses to date, and combined those companies have combined to make hundreds of millions of dollars through these businesses he has founded or co-founded. Some of these companies include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council to name a few.

Eric Pulier has also invested quite a bit of money in philanthropic causes such as charities including Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures to name a few. Some of his investments include very successful startup companies in the technology industry, and the vast majority of those projects have gone on to have very successful businesses that have grown rapidly over time. He also works with the Multiple Sclerosis Society as he has helped pioneer the use of computers and multimedia education experiences to help people who have this disorder live a fuller, richer life. Pulier also served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative which provides inexpensive cloud storage devices for computers that help serve underprivileged communities throughout the world. Eric Pulier’s biggest cause, however, is also active in the philanthropic community where he is on the board of the Painted Turtle which is a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses that would otherwise not have the opportunities to go to camps.

This entire enterprise Pulier has made for himself was founded upon Mr. Pulier’s past education where he graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 before moving on to Hard University to attain his Bachelor of Arts degree. He also graduated from the fraternity of Magna Cum Laude as well as from Harvard University in 1988. While in college Pulier studied both English and American Literature as well as computer science and environmental studied. He also wrote a column called the PulierLeg in the Harvard Crimson which was the school’s weekly published newspaper. He also served as an editor on for the Harvard Crimson as well.

Don Ressler Creates Disruption With His Brands

Don Ressler has always wanted to do something to bring change to different markets. He decided that a market disruptor would be the best way to do this and he did everything that he could to help people with the options that they needed in the fashion industry on LinkedIn. In the past, people had to shop online or in a setting that allowed them to buy things while they were shopping in the store. Now, though, Don Ressler has changed things and a subscription service model is a viable option for anyone who wants to buy clothes or wants to be able to do more with the experiences.

The first thing that made Don Ressler’s brands disruptors of the market was the fact that people would be able to shop in different areas without having to visit a store or a specific website. While customers had to visit one of the TechStyle sites at the beginning of their time with the service, they would not have to visit again and would receive their subscription box on a regular basis at http://www.fundacity.com/don-ressler/. By doing this, Don Ressler made it a different way to shop and made things easier for people to be able to get more out of the shopping experience.

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Another way that Don Ressler’s brands disrupted the market was by including all different styles. JustFab includes shoes that are beneficial to people who have varying foot sizes. They even have shoes that are made specifically for wide feet, something that most shoe stores don’t even offer to the people who shop with them. It has been a big change in the way that people are able to shop and has made things better for the people to do things. When Don Ressler started working on Fabletics, he wanted to do the same thing and include all of the sizes with the brand.

Now, no matter how someone wants to be able to shop and the size of the person, they are able to get what they from the TechStyle brands. There are many different ways that people can shop with TechStyle and Don Ressler has made it an easy option thanks to the convenience that comes from the brand. He wants to help people with everything that they have and with the experiences that will make it easier for them to get all of their clothes. He does what he can to improve the buying opportunities for customers.

Eric Pulier Is a Brilliant Businessman

Being successful in the world of business requires a person to have many different traits. Eric Pulier seemingly has all of these traits. He is one of the first names that comes to mind when someone brings up a successful tech entrepreneur. He has been responsible for the launch of more profitable tech firms than you can shake a stick at. He keeps churning out the great tech startups and there seems to be no end in sight.


Eric is a graduate of Harvard University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature. He was getting ready to begin a career as a college English literature professor. However, fate had a much different path in store for him. He first became aware of startups from a friend’s roommate. He immediately wanted to become a part of the startup that the man was working on. It was not long before Eric learned all of the ropes and began to create some of his own tech sites that he launched with a tiny budget and almost no help at all.


Eric became a success through trial and error. He made many mistakes along the way. Pulier believes that it is perfectly ok to make mistakes. However, you need to learn from those mistakes so you will be much less likely to repeat them in the future. Many people are under the misconception that Eric’s rise to the top of the tech world did not have any bumps along the way. He will be the first to tell you that is simply not the case. There was actually a brief period when Eric considered quitting the startup world and getting a job as an English literature like he had originally intended. However, he decided to stick it out a bit longer. That turned out to be the right decision.


Eric spends a great deal of his time instructing young people about all of the subtle intricacies of the startup business. He wants to help them to avoid making many of the mistakes he did. He also travels around and gives lectures at various colleges.

Don Ressler Proceeds To Further Boost JustFab To Rank Among Leading Companies

Business and entrepreneurship are areas where only those who are not afraid to take risks thrive well. There are many professionals whose businesses have flourished due to investing in the ideas they believe in together with supporting their passion. One of the individuals who has build a bright profile as an entrepreneur is Don Ressler, an online entrepreneur who has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

Don Ressler is the brain behind several established businesses and he continues to work with young entrepreneurs by mentoring them so they can understand how the world of business works. Don Ressler made his first step as an entrepreneur when he launched FitnessHeaven.com, a company that allowed him to experience the way businesses function in the online environment. FitnessHeaven.com opened his eyes to understand many things about entrepreneurship and management and after some successful moments with the company, Don Ressler was able to draft a new plan that would see him invest in a bigger company.

In 2001, Don Ressler put the company up on sale and Intermix Media gave him an offer that he approved. He at the same time met with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, who they agreed to venture into business together due to the similarity they had of ideas.

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Intelligent Beauty
Working together was a great achievement that allowed them to come up with Alena Media, a company that worked with small and established businesses by offering them advertising services. By the second year, Alena Media was already making profits and the duo decided it would be awesome if they launched a different company that would allow them to serve a bigger population.

This decision triggered them to sell Alena Media and the capital they raised helped them to finance the establishment of their next business, Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty has been operational since 2008 and they stock beauty products in different categories.

With 2010 came a new dawn that saw Adam and Ressler venture into different ideas JustFab. They came up with a new online retail that offers a subscription system for fashion products. To further develop the company, they sought funding and were given $33 million by Matrix Ventures in 2011 before they went for further funding from several companies in 2012 that amounted to $76. With the second amount, JustFab was able to finance the development of a strong network that pushed the company to penetrate into Germany, Canada and the UK.

Raj Fernando : The brain Behind Chopper Trading

Raj Fernando is an expert in technology innovation and international financial markets. He is the founder and the CEO of Scoutahead. Before forming Scoutahead.com, he founded Chopper Trading a Chicago-based proprietary firm where he served as the President and the Chief Executive Officer. Raj is also actively involved and takes part in foreign policy organizations.

Before selling Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group, he served as the chief executive officer, and he also designed and implemented some of the most sophisticated risk management including trading, communication, and monitoring source code security system in the firm.

Within a period of a decade, Raj raised Chopper Trading to one of the largest market participants trading in the global exchange. In 2015 Raj sold Chopper Trading to DRW Trading group another Chicago-based leading financial firm.

In 2016 Raj launched Scoutahed.com. ; An internet start-up company. The company is designed to deliver trusted and confidential feedback and responses to organizations and individuals and as a result to increase professional and corporate growth and productivity. Raj is the chief executive officer and the chairperson of Scoutahead.

Currently, Raj Fernando serves on the foreign policy leadership committee at Booking Institute and is also a member of the Board of Directors for the American Security Project. He also participates in Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj supports various philanthropic activities in the United States and Chicago. Raj is a member of trustees in Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Other charitable projects include PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter. He actively supported wounded warriors, Clinton Foundation and big brother big sister of Metropolitan Chicago.

Raj is also politically active and has supported various presidential candidates. In 2003 he made a political contribution to Democratic Party. In 2008 he fundraised for Obama presidential campaign. And currently, he has supported and fundraised for Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Raj studied at Beloit College where he earned Bachelor’s degree in Economic. He further studied at University College London. He started working at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer where he served in various positions and also was in Chicago Board of Trade.

Andy Wirth Works To End Ski Feud

Up in North Tahoe, all eyes are currently on two of is premiere ski resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The resorts are separated by a mountain and by a culture that thrives on territorial pride.

Just like avid football fans, Squaw Valley residents patronize the Squaw Valley ski resort and rarely stray. Alpine Meadows works the same way. But recently, Powder Magazine interviewed Andy Wirth, who plans to unite the rival resorts by means of a base-to-base gondola  – Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2014/09/andy-wirth-squaw-valley.aspx.

Andy Wirth’s gondola would be able to taxi skiers and snowboarders across the mountain divide, so that more people would be able to ski both runs in the same day.

This would reduce traffic on the roads between the two resorts, as skiers currently have to take a bus to use both runs in one day. It would also mean a merger of two cultures.

Andy Wirth is hoping for a repeat situation of the famous Whistler and Blackcomb resorts; the two were connected by convenient transportation and now most snow athletes use both resorts, regardless of their town of origin. So not only does the gondola reduce traffic on the streets, but it has the potential to increase business for both resorts. To read the entire interview in Powder Magazine, click here.

Andy Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and works to make the resorts under his name the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. But there is more to the man that just business.

As a business-holder that deals with the natural environment, he has used his influence and history as a forest ranger to protect the territory. He also founded the Wounded Warrior Support, a program that helps Navy SEALS and their families after they return home from duty. Learn more about Andy Wirth: www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

Andy Wirth has numerous other charities and philanthropic programs under his belt, which makes him an entrepreneur of substance. His influence sets a good example for both businessmen and patrons alike. The Northern Tahoe ski resort feud’s days are numbered.

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Ricardo Guimaraes Role In Banco BMG Bank

The head of Banco BMG bank is a self-made philanthropist who has funded the operational of many projects in Brazil. Sir Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is one of the best-known investors who have led to the economic stability in Brazil. In 2004, Guimaraes managed the situation of inflation that was posing a danger to the financial condition in Brazil. In his reign, the bank has extended investment ventures to a global level.


  1. R7.com publishers made a liberation regarding the prediction of President Ricardo Guimaraes on the state of the New Year’s Chinese economy. According to the analysis made by Guimaraes, the Growth Domestic Product of China’s economy is expected to deteriorate in the financial market due to the experienced adjustable problem in the Chinese economy. Mr. Ricardo explained that the GDP is supposed to fall to an estimated seven percent. The Chief Executive Officer of Banco BMG bank stated that the news originally came from the China Securities Journals.
  2. Ricardo Guimaraes also implied that the commission had forecasted a fall in the consumer price index with a percentage of one and a half. Chinese stakeholders experienced a lower accumulated growth of seven percent in the last four months of 2015. Guimaraes implied that was the lowest percentage growth since the recession of the financial crisis in China. Jinping, who is the current president of China, stated that the evidenced percentage growth in quarters will help China experience an economic growth and meet its vision in the next five years.


Banco BMG bank has also become a key figure in the investments of the sports industry. Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes has depicted that Banco Group will continue investing in the sports industry to develop the talents of Brazilian athletes. In a publication made by esporte.com news, Ricardo reported that BMG was willing to instill confidentiality to the athletes and fund the players with allowances for maximum performance in the field. Guimaraes added that more than dozen of the teams in the championship league had something very close.


Ricardo Guimaraes has established a sponsorship deal with most of the Serie A teams. He added that he was tabling another deal to the teams that will emerge as the champion. BMG bank is recognized as the top ranked bank offering payroll loans to clients all over Brazil. The formation of the business venture between Banco BMG and Itau bank has also been widely involving itself in football and other sports. Ricardo Guimaraes acted as the chairperson of Atletico Mineiro club that has also been in the championship run. He served as the chair of this organization for five years. BMG also sponsors other clubs such as Flamengo club and Coritiba football club.


To sell precious metals requires integration of quality customer service, ample knowledge and access to products of high standards. The U.S Money Reserve employs these virtues in selling government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. Founded by gold veterans, the company is among the largest in the distribution of platinum, gold and silver coins. With exceptional customer relations, the company acquires only the best product in gold, silver and platinum.

The company employs a combination of top-notch customer service and acquisition of skilled and professional workforce that is aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction. In the purchase of these precious items, there are professionals available that provide expert advice on the right product to purchase. They only issue advice on a purchase that is predicted to yield a higher market value than the original one. Most of the clients that have sought the expertise of the company’s professionals have acquired huge profits from the investments they have made.

The company, among very many things, offers quality products in precious metals. Gold, silver and platinum coins obtained from the U.S Money Reserve have received the United States backing. The company is trusted for authenticity by maintaining weight, purity and content of their products. This is to ensure clients that have obtained coins that have the correct amount of gold, silver and platinum stated. The United States government recognizes these coins as legal tender since they are produced with ‘face value’ denominations and are authorized by Congress.

The U.S Money Reserve takes pride in offering the best customer service with professionals ready to assist. The company offers advice on the best purchase but eventually it is up to the customers to decide on the product and make the purchase.

The company is also famous for its return policy. Coins purchased can be returned within thirty days of purchase for a full refund. Purchased certified coins that are returned after the thirty days of purchase are prone, of course, to a fair restocking fee. Coins that are returned within sixty days of purchase are liable to be charged with lower value than the current market value or even the initial one. Products obtained from the company are of good quality, and thus the policy of return works efficiently if the coins are returned in good condition as they were obtained in.

The company goes a long way by gathering information from reliable sources for their clients. This is to ensure only the best results for investments made by the vast clientele. U.S Money Reserve offers an investment option for a tangible product bound to yield high profits.

Bruce Levenson: Entrepreneur and Team Owner

Bruce Levenson has led a life of many successes. After being born to a Jewish family in Washington D.C., Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He was driven by his desire to be successful, spending the majority of his life working toward an educated advantage. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Washington University. Afterwards, graduating from American University with his Juris Doctor was only the beginning of his varied life of fame. From the top floor of his father’s liquor store, Levenson launched the successful United Communications Group. It was here that his success was lifted from moderate to high. Prior to the creation of the United Communications Group, Levenson was a well-known writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. In addition to his many efforts, Bruce was an original contributor to the Holocaust Museum, which pays tributes to the Jewish people that lost their lives during the reign of Adolph Hitler during World War II. He is an avid supported of the museum’s effort to provide educational support for inner city children that want to become involved with the museum.

In 2004, Levenson fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning a professional sports team. He purchased the Atlanta Hawks, which he maintained until 2014. It was at that time that he decided to sell the team. When Levenson hired a team to negotiate the selling of the team and the rights to the well-known Philips Arena, he gave a steep asking price of around one billion dollars. This was definitely a price that was seemingly high for potential bidders, but Levenson’s team knew what they were doing. These expectations were at the top end of what some experts say the price should be for the team. It was likely expected that the actual purchase price would be slightly lower.

The winning bidder of the Atlanta Hawks is Antony Ressler. His offer of 850 million grew close to Levenson’s initial belief that he could make one billion dollars in the offer. Ressler’s group, consisting of other name-worthy investors such as Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, former NBA star Grant Hill, among others.

Bruce Levenson founded UCG and has earned his lavish lifestyle. He has had his hand in many different aspects of the business world. From business creation and investment to sports and philanthropy, Bruce Levenson has truly experienced the very best of the professional world. Throughout his lifetime he has had a profound influence on the world around him, instilling information in the public through his writing and the cities in which he lives with community support programs.