Ricardo Guimaraes Role In Banco BMG Bank

The head of Banco BMG bank is a self-made philanthropist who has funded the operational of many projects in Brazil. Sir Ricardo Annes Guimaraes is one of the best-known investors who have led to the economic stability in Brazil. In 2004, Guimaraes managed the situation of inflation that was posing a danger to the financial condition in Brazil. In his reign, the bank has extended investment ventures to a global level.


  1. R7.com publishers made a liberation regarding the prediction of President Ricardo Guimaraes on the state of the New Year’s Chinese economy. According to the analysis made by Guimaraes, the Growth Domestic Product of China’s economy is expected to deteriorate in the financial market due to the experienced adjustable problem in the Chinese economy. Mr. Ricardo explained that the GDP is supposed to fall to an estimated seven percent. The Chief Executive Officer of Banco BMG bank stated that the news originally came from the China Securities Journals.
  2. Ricardo Guimaraes also implied that the commission had forecasted a fall in the consumer price index with a percentage of one and a half. Chinese stakeholders experienced a lower accumulated growth of seven percent in the last four months of 2015. Guimaraes implied that was the lowest percentage growth since the recession of the financial crisis in China. Jinping, who is the current president of China, stated that the evidenced percentage growth in quarters will help China experience an economic growth and meet its vision in the next five years.


Banco BMG bank has also become a key figure in the investments of the sports industry. Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes has depicted that Banco Group will continue investing in the sports industry to develop the talents of Brazilian athletes. In a publication made by esporte.com news, Ricardo reported that BMG was willing to instill confidentiality to the athletes and fund the players with allowances for maximum performance in the field. Guimaraes added that more than dozen of the teams in the championship league had something very close.


Ricardo Guimaraes has established a sponsorship deal with most of the Serie A teams. He added that he was tabling another deal to the teams that will emerge as the champion. BMG bank is recognized as the top ranked bank offering payroll loans to clients all over Brazil. The formation of the business venture between Banco BMG and Itau bank has also been widely involving itself in football and other sports. Ricardo Guimaraes acted as the chairperson of Atletico Mineiro club that has also been in the championship run. He served as the chair of this organization for five years. BMG also sponsors other clubs such as Flamengo club and Coritiba football club.


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Bruce Levenson: Entrepreneur and Team Owner

Bruce Levenson has led a life of many successes. After being born to a Jewish family in Washington D.C., Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He was driven by his desire to be successful, spending the majority of his life working toward an educated advantage. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Washington University. Afterwards, graduating from American University with his Juris Doctor was only the beginning of his varied life of fame. From the top floor of his father’s liquor store, Levenson launched the successful United Communications Group. It was here that his success was lifted from moderate to high. Prior to the creation of the United Communications Group, Levenson was a well-known writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. In addition to his many efforts, Bruce was an original contributor to the Holocaust Museum, which pays tributes to the Jewish people that lost their lives during the reign of Adolph Hitler during World War II. He is an avid supported of the museum’s effort to provide educational support for inner city children that want to become involved with the museum.

In 2004, Levenson fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning a professional sports team. He purchased the Atlanta Hawks, which he maintained until 2014. It was at that time that he decided to sell the team. When Levenson hired a team to negotiate the selling of the team and the rights to the well-known Philips Arena, he gave a steep asking price of around one billion dollars. This was definitely a price that was seemingly high for potential bidders, but Levenson’s team knew what they were doing. These expectations were at the top end of what some experts say the price should be for the team. It was likely expected that the actual purchase price would be slightly lower.

The winning bidder of the Atlanta Hawks is Antony Ressler. His offer of 850 million grew close to Levenson’s initial belief that he could make one billion dollars in the offer. Ressler’s group, consisting of other name-worthy investors such as Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, former NBA star Grant Hill, among others.

Bruce Levenson founded UCG and has earned his lavish lifestyle. He has had his hand in many different aspects of the business world. From business creation and investment to sports and philanthropy, Bruce Levenson has truly experienced the very best of the professional world. Throughout his lifetime he has had a profound influence on the world around him, instilling information in the public through his writing and the cities in which he lives with community support programs.

Shaygan Kheradpir: A businessman that always hits the right notes

Shaygan Khenradpir is a business and technology executive. He attended Cornell University, in which his receive his bachelor’s and master degree in electrical engineering with a center in the control system. Khenradpir has created mission-driven groups to exceed change that counts, which are the customers, investors, employees and the community. Khenradpir on arnnet has strived, kept in touch, and expanded ideas at boundaries of traditional actions across many industry segments worldwide. He is the CEO of Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks is a company that is an expert in the networking industry in Silicon Valley.

In the year 2011, he became apart if the Barclays Bank headquarters in London as the chief operating officer for the worldwide retail bank. During the same period, he also became the chief operations and technology officer. He had the responsibility of the whole bank worldwide across retail, cards, business, corporate, wealth, and investment banking. Khenradpir became the business person that everyone went to at Barclays. He was also in charge of the digitization with industrialized controls, and items innovation that made a difference in people lives.

His career begun at GTE Labs in Boston. During that time, he worked on networking routing, management, and control. After working hard for years, he became the head of software system lab. His job was to recruit and create a world class organization. This had helped led the process of the nation’s first national network management platform for the company GTE.The company was then able to integrated infrastructure, transmission and switch were called TONICS. Tonics stood for Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System. The system had help consolidated network work for the business.

Soon afterward, Khenradpir went on to GTE headquarters in Dallas.He was the boss of the system development for all of GTE units of wireline, wireless, internetworking, and data.During that time, they nationalized and created GTE central systems based on modern computer science, driving operational goals with a higher improving cost structure for the business.

Khenradpir then went to New York City and became the president of the eBusiness when GTE and Bell Atlantic had mere to become Verizon.During the same time, he also became the chief information officer for Verizon. He still utilize his same methods to achieve unbelievable results for the company. He recruited and assembled fantastic talent that he had an understanding of the possible of collaboration and expenditure of advancing market leading goods and services.

While at Verizon, they created and changed the revenue profile of the business. They had innovated IP and multi-media products for the consumer. They had a series of award-winning industry first products, which included FiOS interactive TV, internet streaming, and carrier grade voice over IP. Throughout the last few years, FiOS gross $12 billion.He is a man that always hit the right notes.