Perry Mandera: A Leader In Business And Community Through Service

Perry Mandera has a long history of integrating business and public service successfully. The former United States Marine began serving his country in the late 1970’s and since his discharge from the military has taken his military discipline and desire to serve into the world of entrepreneurship without missing a beat along the way.

Since founding the Chicago and Los Angeles based trucking company, Custom Companies, Inc over 30 years ago, Perry Mandera has always found a way to build a high quality, customer satisfaction based successful company that can also serve as a pillar in the community by proactively engaging in a people first mission and many philanthropy efforts.

For instance in the Chicago area, Mandera is actively involved with the Illinois State Crime Commission that works in tandem with the Police Athletic League. In addition to hands on training and education for local police officers, the organizations also work to create a positive interaction and communications between the police and the public. One such youth program, the Commitment to Youth, provides at risk youth the opportunity to participate in organized sports they may have otherwise never had the opportunity or resources for (


The idea behind this program is to not only create a healthy and positive relationship between law enforcement and troubled youth but the also help the children build physical strength and boost self-esteem. Some of the programs, like boxing for instance, require that the youth first sign a pledge to remain alcohol and drug free in order to participate.

This is just one of many examples of how Perry Mandera has always given back. His long history of successful business operations at Custom Companies can be paralleled with an equal history of community service both on the local and national level. He continues to support both small and large causes like AIDS research, the Special Olympics and local hunger fighting causes.

Perry Mandera is a pinnacle example that business is more than just profits and bottom lines. That when you put people first, in both community and business, everybody involved wins and one hand washes the other.