Join Hands With Jon Urbana to Help His Favorite Causes

Jon Urbana is taking part in raising funds for animal rescue and the adoption services in the Denver, Colorado area. The fundraiser is primarily aimed at the shelter called ARAS. It’s a shelter for cats that does not allow them to be killed. This allows a safe and warm place for the animals in hopes of adoption and saving them from being harmed. He is an adamant advocate against animal cruelty and is hoping to raise enough funds to be passed on the ARAS. For more information and to donate, please visit:

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana is also being recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for completed and exceeding the high education standards required by a pilot. He is also licensed and has pristine medical standards that are established by the FAA as well. The FAA is a highly sought after administration for the pilots, and recognition does not go unannounced for Jon Urbana, as he has gone above and beyond. You can read more on this article here.

Amongst Jon’s other activities and ventures, he started the Next Level Lacrosse in 2011. He created the lacrosse camp to help others learn and gain their skills for the sport. By starting with the younger generation, he can use Twitter as his sounding board to build the necessary skills it takes to become successful in the lacrosse sport. As you can see he has many accomplishments and has worked very hard throughout his career to fulfill his dreams.
Jon’s business ventures include the support of a company called Earth Force Inc. The firm is based in Colorado and is a non-profit organization aimed at purifying the environment. The campaign, called Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc, is primarily targeted at raised funds to support a healthier environment. He has included the youth in some of his plans at Earth Force Inc. in hopes to direct the younger generation to caring for the environment and taking note of their actions resulting in a healthier place to live. By starting with the youth, his hopes of preserving a cleaner type of earth are much more promising. Please visit the following website to learn more about his business ventures:

Urbana is also an award-winning photographer and video maker, known for producing works such as the photo posted below.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

Jon’s music has been featured on MTV and his work recognized on plenty of sites including and Yahoo! Answers.

To get in touch with Urbana, visit his website:

How FreedomPop Has Revolutionized The Way Mobile Wireless Companies Provide Services

We are living in a very busy world. We are constantly on the run with our careers, fun activities and families as well. To keep things moving the way they are supposed to, we need reliable sources of communication. We need a reliable mobile network so that we can make that call while at work to check on the kids at home, to check on the progress our employees are doing as well as catching up with friends. We also need a reliable internet provider so that we can quickly send business emails, keep in touch with friends and business colleagues via the social media as well.

For efficient communication to be possible, we need call and data services that are reliable and affordable. The internet service also provided needs to be fast on mobile devices so as we can access it anytime and anywhere we want. FreedomPop is a well known phenomenal company when matters related to offering top-notch mobile data and call services are concerned. This company has in the recent past managed to steal a very big number of mobile data users by offering free data, call and text packages. The services have made many users who are used to paying a lot of money for the same opt for FreedomPop’s.

This company has in the very recent past launched a low-cost Wi-Fi service where a user gets unlimited internet use for just $5. The user gets an automatic signing-on to over 10 million hotspots across the US for that unbelievable amount. This phenomenal service has totally shaken up big telecommunication giants because their business will be affected a big deal. Because around 90% of the total data used is by mobile devices, the company hopes to make a kill with this service.

The most awesome fact about this new service is that it will be available across a number of devices. The user will be accessing it through the use of Android and the iPhone apps. Provided the user has paid the monthly fee, he can be able to use the service on his mobile phone and tablet as well. The company does not restrict a user to make good use of the unlimited internet.

This is the first Wi-Fi plan the company has added. Many people know it from its free call, data and text service whereby a customer is not required to pay anything. This new service the management says an extension of its remarkable services. However, the company’s CEO insists that it a brand new opportunity for the company to continue delivering value regardless of the network the user is on.

The company is very confident that this service will also attract users who have phones that are not connected to any network. The company estimates that there are around 200 million abandoned phones in the United States alone. Because FreedomPop is even taking its services to the UK, offering the best services in terms of quality and affordability remain its number one priority.

The Powerful Songwriting Skills of Banks

The name Jillian Banks may not mean much to a lot of people. Her debut album dropped last year, and she got a lot of praise for it. Critics loved it, but it wasn’t a mainstream sound. Now that MTV has called her out as the artist to watch, more people may recognize her.

As an artist with a debut album, Banks had a wonderful sound, but she didn’t really have a gimmick. Katy Perry dropped a bisexual anthem with “I Kissed a Girl.” Brittney Spears, in her early years, had the school girl costume that made her a rare teenage sex symbol. Fans failed to reach pop star domination because she just didn’t have any of this. What she did have, however, was great songwriting to showcase her talents.

She didn’t hit the pop circuit because she is not one of those artists that are designed to appeal to teenagers. Banks is young, but she has a grown up sound. She writes about love and love that is lost. In songs like “Beggin’ For Thread” she writes about how emotions and failed love can drive a person crazy. All of her wisdom shines through in her songwriting and this has kept her fan base growing. Her melodies on this album have also give her a unique sound. Many onlookers like Sam Tabar feel that the bass heavy tracks are bold and unique, and that is why her fans want more.