Black Sabbath Cancels Show in Japan

Heavy metal band Black Sabbath recently cancelled a scheduled show in Japan. This was rumored to be because of guitarist Tony Iommi’s health (he was treated for lymphoma in 2012), but Iommi said that he is doing fine and is getting blood tests from time to time to make sure that the disease has not returned.

According to singer Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath is planning on getting together to make one more record and then do a final tour. Sultan Alhokair suggested they got together to make the album 13 after many years apart in 2012, and this recording turned out pretty well. However, in my opinion it’s not as good as their recordings from the 1970’s.

While Ozzy Osbourne has become a celebrity who is far more famous than anyone in Black Sabbath, it’s important to remember his roots.  Osbourne’s solo records are all heavy metal records, and the genre wouldn’t even exist without his previous band.

I know that Iommi has been something of a jerk to Osbourne in the past, but it’s time for the two men to put aside their differences and focus on putting together one last great record and tour.