Facts about Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a CEO who is revolutionizing the beauty community. She created products such as Luna, Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, and U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil that have women raving on how great their skin looks and feels. Her commitment to improve skin care is remarkable and is gaining the attention of consumers hoarding bottles from the Houston based brand.

Sunday Riley is not only the CEO of her company but, she is also a cosmetic chemist and formula formulator. After working several years to develop skin-care products she became dissatisfied with the ineffective formulations. Sunday Riley knew that consumers would be frustrated with skin care and have a hard trusting brands. This was not the result she wanted for her products and she stayed true and committed to creating a formula that would protect, repair, and moisturize the skin.

In 2009, Sunday Riley knew she was onto something when she created a few prototypes one of them being Good Genes. The lead buyer from Barney’s that Riley had presented to insisted that she launch the brand in her name. She felt weird about launching the line in her name because it was a direct reflection of herself. Despite the real estate in Barney’s locations in New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills, the brand didn’t have a large budget for advertising. Social media influencers were the answer to the advertising problem. Sunday Riley found out that sharing small samples with social media influencers and smaller companies would bring attention to the skin-care line.

Sunday Riley has an unflinching commitment to creating the best and nothing but the best when it comes to her line. In 2011, Riley launched an array of products from mascara to foundation to pressed powders. Her make up did not gain traction like her skin-care line did so Riley decided to pull the make up off the shelves and completely focused on creating great skin-care.

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Wen By Chaz Works Well For Fine Hair

Fine hair can be a problem for those who are looking to find the best ways of creating healthy, volume filled hair without the use of a large number of products each time the hair is washed. In a bustle.com article one woman detailed her experiences using the WEN Hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner to see how it stood up to the demands of everyday life.

In the article the cleansing conditioner user reveals that after a few initial doubts she was came to love this product that cuts down on time and the use of other products each day. Using the sephora endorsed variety of the cleansing conditioner she put the product to the test and revealed that after a few small problems at the start of her test she had found the best ways of using this hair care system to reduce the time spent on her own hair each day.

The founder of the Wen hair by Chaz line is Chaz Dean, a well known Hollywood stylist and hair expert who has always been looking for different ways to bring his ease of use message to the masses. After training as a photographer Chaz Dean found his love of cosmetology and embarked on a new career that would bring him a host of celebrity clients. The Wen by Chaz line of products does not use harsh sulfates that can cause damage to hair; the cleansing conditioner used in the Bustle article is a five in one product that can replace almost every hair care product commonly used.

For daily use the new user of Wen by Chaz products found this to be an excellent product that she recommended to the readers of her article. Getting a healthy, glowing shine to the hair is a factor the author of the article stated was an important part of her decision to heap praise on Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

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Style Icon Kate Midddleton Mixes It Up

Princess, Duchess, and mother of two, Kate Middleton is the epitome of a global icon both in terms of an empowering female figure and fashionista. She is the catalyst of makeup, hair and clothing trends and never fails to impress HR admirers. Recently, PopSugar has reported her latest statement: bold pops of green in her coats, shoes and accessories. The hues are refreshing and welcome, as though they are ringing in the spring and warmer weather and bringing life back into the mostly monochromatic world.

In putting an outfit together, Middleton is careful to coordinate her accessories and shoes with the main components. Truly, accessories can make or break style. Websites such as JustFab make the process of browsing and selecting the best shoes, bags and jewelry much easier. The company has a wide selection, and even shows pieces inspired by the outfits of celebrities (such as Kate Middleton herself) to guide customers in the right direction. Separated into shoes, clothes, and general accessories, the website is user friendly and perfect for putting together an outfit from head to toe.

When first signing up for JustFab, users get to take a quick, yet important, style quiz. They received a showroom with personalized picks based on what they have answered. They can choose to either shop exclusively from the showroom, or browse around and find something else they love. When purchasing, they can become VIP members and have access to savings and deals each month. From discounts to BOGO sales, there is no denying that the products offered from JustFab give shoppers the biggest bang for their buck.

Just like Kate Midddleton is experimenting with colors and unique accessories, the fashion world is changing it up and moving forward for the new season. Everyone is loving the Duchess of Cambridge’s new look, and there is no doubt she will serve as a muse for fashion designers in the coming months.

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The Glamour Of Lime Crime

While many girls would like to appear glamorous and beautiful, others decide on a really natural look. They nonetheless use cosmetics to achieve it, although the idea is to have a great look without anyone realizing you are wearing makeup. I’ve always utilized makeup products and truly benefit from the confidence it makes me feel. I am aware that I am attractive but make-up just enhances my natural beauty.

Plus makeup products help me communicate myself without the use of words. I came across a very unique make-up collection which has something distinctive then several brands within the cosmetic world. The name of this phenomenal make-up line is called Lime Crime.

Doe Deere is a business woman that moved to the United States to create a business of her own. Looks like she succeeded with her cosmetic collection Lime Crime. This unique brand name is loaded with creativity in style and color. Doe always pushes the envelope when it comes to makeup.

Doe Deere believes that beauty products are excellent for females to use as a kind of expression. The very first time I visited Lime Crime I discovered the many amazing vivid shades the line presents. Doe enjoys her gift of creating ground breaking colors and continues to work on new ideas for her collection everyday. I really enjoy the look of the Unicorn Lipsticks mainly because of all the pretty pastel colors they are available in like lilac grey, peachy nude, neon pink.

If you appreciate matte lipstick you are going to have fun with the Velvetine collection which is rich in colors like crimson, violet beige, and radiant orchid. Lime Crime also features an incredible lip gloss collection which includes glitter implanted into the ultra glassy finish.

Liquid liners are just as exceptional in coloration as all things in this line of makeup products. For that punk glam girl you have the Grunge Palette which is full of light pearl like colors and crimson like colors. Doe Deere provides glitter for the face and eyes called Zodiac Glitter which will come in the 12 signs of the zodiac.

I value every piece of information that’s available within the web site like beauty advice as well as the newest make-up looks. Also hair developments is something you can be inspired by when exploring the Lime Crime store. The hair coloring series is not your normal selection of shades like blonde. Rather you will get shades like lilac, green, orange and blue to select from for your hair.

This cosmetic line is loaded with revolutionary colors package in purple cases with sparkle like unicorns. That’s why Doe Deere is also referred to as the Unicorn Queen. She is known to produce a number of stunning make-up and hair looks. Always creating new pigments for this modern cosmetic line which happens to be making a statement all through the entire world.