Facts about Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley is a CEO who is revolutionizing the beauty community. She created products such as Luna, Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, and U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil that have women raving on how great their skin looks and feels. Her commitment to improve skin care is remarkable and is gaining the attention of consumers hoarding bottles from the Houston based brand.

Sunday Riley is not only the CEO of her company but, she is also a cosmetic chemist and formula formulator. After working several years to develop skin-care products she became dissatisfied with the ineffective formulations. Sunday Riley knew that consumers would be frustrated with skin care and have a hard trusting brands. This was not the result she wanted for her products and she stayed true and committed to creating a formula that would protect, repair, and moisturize the skin.

In 2009, Sunday Riley knew she was onto something when she created a few prototypes one of them being Good Genes. The lead buyer from Barney’s that Riley had presented to insisted that she launch the brand in her name. She felt weird about launching the line in her name because it was a direct reflection of herself. Despite the real estate in Barney’s locations in New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills, the brand didn’t have a large budget for advertising. Social media influencers were the answer to the advertising problem. Sunday Riley found out that sharing small samples with social media influencers and smaller companies would bring attention to the skin-care line.

Sunday Riley has an unflinching commitment to creating the best and nothing but the best when it comes to her line. In 2011, Riley launched an array of products from mascara to foundation to pressed powders. Her make up did not gain traction like her skin-care line did so Riley decided to pull the make up off the shelves and completely focused on creating great skin-care.

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Jeunesse Global: The NV Product Line

Jeunesse Global is an international company that strives to help individuals and families operate their own profitable business. The founders, Lewis and Ray, began this company in 2009, and they have since forged many lasting relationships and opportunities by giving people the skills to use their platform and tested products coupled with technical support and extensive training to build a worldwide business.

One of their most renowned products is NV. You pronounce it like the word envy. NV is a line of facial skin care products that provide a smooth and flawless photo finish. It is an extensive line from primer to bronzer, or one can use the foundation as a stand-alone product.

The first step is to prime the skin. The primers job is to fill in fine wrinkles. Mist around closed eyes, lips, and the forehead area, which often have the most obvious lines, to prepare the face for the foundation. After priming, the next step is misting the foundation across the face. One pass will provide excellent coverage, but if you want or need an additional layer for dark spots are other areas, you can miss a small amount of the lotion into your hand. Apply it to the problem areas with a sponge or the tip of your finger.

There are three levels of flawlessness depending on the occasion and skin type. The first level is one pass over the skin, and this provides good coverage. If you mist a second time, the surface will have an even more in-depth coverage, and to provide the most coverage, mist a third application.

As an additional bonus, Jeunesse Global infused APT-200 into the NV formulation. This exclusive ingredient increases the skin’s youthful temperament and appearance. NV primer, foundation, and the tanner carry APT-200. NV has a skin tanning product that bronzes and highlights without the harmful effects of the sun. The bronzer provides a lightweight hint of color to the cheeks and face, and it is a mist also.

Jeunesse Global has thought of everything when creating its photo-finish foundation line. The founders want to provide their members and clients with a quality product that stand the test of time whether used as an entire regiment or single application.