Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Getting Noticed

Sean Penn’s making headlines with his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff,” which is a great way to promote it. Even before the book actually got published, it was getting people talking, and although the book is fiction, many people are finding ways to compare it to reality. Penn feels that in the world as it stands, it is almost impossible no to read between the lines and people are trying to find more than there actually might be. Fiction can’t simply remain fiction but has to be compared to something else.

Despite all that, Penn has found that writing this book has been a welcome change from his usual lifestyle and he is proud of his work. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff follows a man on his adventures as he switches jobs again and again and is quite the interesting tall tale. It does not have many dull moments and is packed full of descriptive and artistic language. The weapon of choice for the main character is a mallet, and he is even hired to assassinate elderly people.

Penn is creating his legacy at age 57 and now has the time to pour into his creative work, unlike at previous times in his life when he set out to write but just couldn’t do it due to other obligations. The story is cleverly spun and is an interesting read.

Penn is inspired by Harry Crews and has been compared to Terry Southern as well as Thomas Pynchon-the later made by himself. He feels that writing is a great way to express your innermost feelings and it can be contagious.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was originally released as an audiobook, and it is a good read either way. Penn had a lot of fun writing even though it was difficult at times. He even pondered why he hadn’t done it sooner but he finally got around to publishing a book, and that’s what really matters.

Penn’s book has many layers and can be understood in different ways, gets you thinking, and helps provide an escape.

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