ClassDojo – Making The Most Out Of Education

ClassDojo is an online podium which provides the medium for the teachers, parents and the students to connect with each other. The best Thing about this platform is that the members can share the photos, messages and videos through the class.Due to its interactive features it brings new and creative ideas in the Class room and the house.

It was started as the mission which is continuously moving in the forward direction since its base was constructed.



Location: San Francisco

Founders: Sam Chaudhary & Liam Don

Managing Director: Hemant Taneja

Objective: To Create Incredible Classroom for the Interaction between Students, teachers and parents.

The sincerity and their seriousness could be analyzed from the fact that ClassDojo has raised $21 million for Technology so that the Parent, students and the teacher could communicate consistently in terms of the activities of the student, their social and the behavioral development at the school. In one the interviews, the founder said that “Their basic idea behind this initiative is to help the parents to guide and support their wards to enhance the learning and finally making their kid overall developed.

How ClassDojo Works:

On the daily Basis the teacher uploads the schedule of the activities and events which are being held at the school. In Fact they also send the snaps and the videos of their ward to their parents by which parents could be awarded of the activities which are being held at the school.

As per the latest reports of the company, ClassDojo is now being used by the teachers in nearly 85,000 schools of the United States which cover’s almost all the private and charter school to the largest public school in the country.

In one of the interview’s, the managing director Hemant Taneja said that the ClassDojo was initially started to teach the students about the behavioral skills but later they expanded it for providing the education to the children and teacher->Students->Parents collaboration.

Some Facts and Figures about ClassDojo:

  • It is presently being used in over 180 countries and 90% of K-8 school use is actively.
  • It has been translated in over 35 languages
  • Almost 30% of students aged between 5-14 have learnt about growing their mindset and empathy with it.

Some Awards and Achievements:

  • 2011- Education innovation award from NBC Today Show
  • 2015-Crunchie Award for best Education Startup from TechCrunch.
  • 2015-Next Wave Leader Award under 35 from LinkedIn
  • 2016-Innovation of design award from Fast Company.
  • 2016-Named among the 35 most Innovative apps of the year.

All the above Facts, Figures and Achievements clearly indicate that ClassDojo has done something really appreciating in the field of Education.