Can The Real Real Become an even Greater Sensation?

“The Real Real is a site where thousands of pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories make their way from one owner to the next. This is a rapidly expanding e-commerce endeavor with over one hundred thousand followers on its creative platforms, namely instagram, with approximately 115,000 followers as of April 2018. Thus, it has come to the realization of The Real Real that the economy and increasing demand for used luxury handbags and high-end accessories is beginning to outcompete and overwhelm The Real Real platform. As a result, Julie Wainwright, the initial founder and CEO of The Real Real, gave a highly influential presentation through a televised Recode Commerce Event in 2016, in the hopes of gaining increased external funding for her highly ludicrous and extremely popular website. Wainwright hopes to expand The Real Real into an even greater, primary e-commerce business to mediate and stabilize the skyrocketing demand and exchange of pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories.

Wainwright’s plans of attracting many investors to her popular e-commerce platform in the hopes of raising an additional $100 million in external support is based upon the veracity of The Real Real. Her company abides by a strict rule of truthfully authenticating all of its pre-loved products before they are marketed to sell. As a result, Wainwright has curated an expert authentication system and team including luxury handbag specialists and gemology experts to authenticate all accessories making their way through the untainted cradles of The Real Real website, including the likes of Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

If Wainwright is capable of attaining the new funds of approximately $100 million, her Real Real team would expand its enterprise into one that is compatible and stronger than its competitors including Tradesy and eBay commerce. If this were to appropriately pan out with investments adding up to $100 million, Wainwright would be able to establish a powerful and avidly popular monopoly over pre-loved accessories, whose dominance in the e-commerce market would overshadow other pre-loved luxury accessory ventures.”

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