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Any time that you are planning to go out to the movies, you can count on expensive ticket prices and snacks that cost an arm and a leg. However, if you live in the New Brunswick area, you will get to catch up on some classics this summer free of charge. This is a program issued by the State Theatre and sponsored by Omar Boraie, in conjunction with the Provident Bank foundation. This is a free movie series that anyone in the area will be able to take advantage of.

There are a number of classic movies that you will be able to watch if you decide to stop by this summer. Some of these movies include ET, Frozen, Monsters University and Aladdin. These movies will be playing on a variety of dates from July 12 through August 16. The movies will be playing both in the morning and in the evening. The first movie plays at 10:30 AM and the night showing is at 7 PM.

The movie series is being kicked off July 12 by Disney’s Frozen. Aladdin is the movie that is closing out the summer series.

Boraie Development is a sponsor for this event and has been part of the event in previous renditions as well. This is a cutting-edge development company that has served the local area for a number of years. They staff nothing but the best professionals and examples of their precision with architecture can be seen throughout the entire city.

This is a community initiative which allows people to catch up on classic movies that they may not have seen before. This is an excellent way for people to decide on a great night out with the family that will not cost anything whatsoever. Because it is free of charge, you can expect the event to be packed for a number of nights. The theater itself holds 1800 seats, but still makes sure that you plan ahead and get your tickets as early as possible.

Boraie Development is pleased to take part in this initiative because it is a family-friendly initiative which will help families of all income levels find something fun and safe to do this summer. When you focus on these sorts of initiatives, it will become a great way to have an entire community flourish. Through this movie experience this summer, some 7500 people will be able to enjoy a free night out at the movies, thanks to the sponsors.


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