Billionaire George Soros Speaks Out About The 2016 Presidential Election

The billionaire George Soros and many other donors on Biography put millions of dollars together for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. It has been reported by Politico that Soros donated $25 million. Soros has in recent years been a little more quiet about his donations to the Democratic party. He has rarely given a lot of donations since the loss of the candidate John Kerry. This year he felt obligated to donate to Hillary Clinton because of his respect for her and his deep distrust of her adversary Donald Trump. The efforts of George Soros to see that Hillary Clinton had a successful campaign to win failed. Donald Trump won the electoral college vote, while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a staggering three million votes.

George Soros spoke out against Donald Trump before the final vote. He wrote a column where he analyzed how Donald Trump’s methods would hurt the fight against terrorism. He compared Donald Trump to a siren singing enticingly in one column he wrote that his son Jonathan Soros pointed out when asked about his father’s increased amount of donations this year. George Soros views the manner in which Trump speaks of ISIS and Muslims in general to be a dangerous manner of speaking. It makes it easier for ISIS to recruit people of the Muslim faith when people are so openly hating their religion in the manner Trump has been the past campaign year on The travel ban that Trump put into place that is aimed at restricting travel of mainly Muslim countries also is something helpful for ISIS to recruit more followers. Such a ban makes it easy to claim that the people of the west dislike Muslims. This makes it simple for ISIS to create propaganda that causes people to believe in their terrorist group.

Following the election on, George Soros also spoke out against Donald Trump. He stated firmly that Donald Trump is not going to succeed based on his policies that are inconsistent. Mr. Soros stated that he views Trump as someone who will act like a ‘wannabe dictator’. The strength of the United States government should not allow a dictatorship, but the world and the American people are watching. George Soros will hopefully be correct that Donald Trump will not be able to fulfill the unconstitutional aspects of his campaign policies.

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